Monday, August 20, 2012

Things I will miss...

when I go back to work.

-Addy clapping for me when I go to the bathroom.

-Finding her random toys all over the house.  Addy can make anything a toy...including drink coasters.

-All of the invites to tea.

-Laying in bed until 7 am while Addy plays with my phone.

-Spending lots of time together as a family.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

New House

I will let you decide if you think Addy likes the new house with some pictures...
We have an art table and Addy made her very own crown.
 And I bought her play doh for the art table.
 Still singing and dancing...Pandora's Disney station is a must in our house.
 And we now have water colors (because we have somewhere to paint)
 And eating at a perfectly sized table for you?  Priceless.

4th of July/Josh's Birthday

Alison and Brad hosted our family again for our 4th of July/Josh's Birthday celebration.  It is great having access to a pool and the kids played non-stop.  Food did not even entice them to stay out for very long.  As a mom, I truly appreciate the moments where you can fully exhaust your child as it means more quiet time later. :-) Since I was also in the pool the majority of the day, Alison had to take the pictures for me and I supplemented a few later on. 
Addy's 4th of July Outfit
 Renee & Brody
 The men
 Dylan & Matthew
 Melissa & Roy
 Uncle Buddy...this captures his personality almost perfectly
 G-ma & her grandbaby
 A thoroughly exhausted love bug
 Nicole & Josh, the b-day boy
 Time for fireworks...and yes, my mom was cold.

Fast asleep...didn't make it to the end. :-)