Friday, June 22, 2012


So rather than write lots of little posts, I am going to share pictures from the last month in an effort to "catch up".  Here we go!
Lot of park time
 A Mommy & Addy trip to the zoo could not be complete without Addy's first face painting
 A great Mother's Day filled with family, food, and ended with a trip to the beach.  Could not have been any better.
And thank you to my mom for being so wonderful.  We love you!
Addy started swim lessons
 Princess Addy has emerged...and likes to dress up all of the time.
 Our long afternoons have allowed us to take great walks and time to smell the flowers.
 Baseball season is here and we went to our first Padres game with my mom and Alison.
 School's out!! So lucky to work with these two women. 
 Our $1 bin find...fairy wings! More dress up opportunities.
 And we took a trip to NorCal to meet Baby Sean...
 ....and celebrate Kelly's 30th birthday...
Love these girls!!  So lucky to have all four (plus Shannon) of them in my life.
 ...and stop by Napa for some sorely needed relaxation.
Taking a break from our "hike" around the vineyards.
May and June have treated us well and we hope it has treated you well too!