Saturday, May 28, 2011


I am lazy and do not want to cook dinner for just Addy and I.
So we have microwaveable pasta from TJ's and yogurt.  
And Addy looks like this at the end of our meal.


I know I have been a slacker in the blogging department. I am not usually one for excuses, but man, we have been a little busy.  Last weekend alone we visited with some friends from Norcal, went to a wedding, and then Addy & I headed to SeaLife/Legoland.  That mixed in with teething, allergies, some sleepless nights, the end of school and we have been a little too busy to blog and I am sorry for those of you who love the blog.
You must also forgive me for not taking my camera to dinner & breakfast with friends and to the wedding.  It didn't fit into my purse.  I did bring it when we took advantage of our free ticket to SeaLife/Legoland (there are some perks to being a teacher in So Cal). So, I hope you enjoy the pictures I do have. And hopefully life will slow down in a few weeks when I am on summer break!
The Crew
Love the Lego sculptures throughout SeaLife
"That is the life." -Brad
Love Bug really was interested in the fish this time...yay!

Especially when she got to touch!

And there were some cool animals, like this nautilus.
But I was disappointed in the Octopus Garden that has been overly advertised on the radio...
this little guy was the only octopus I saw.
Love this little girl
I had never been to Legoland before...amazing Lego sculptures!

Even Love Bug was impressed
So, here is to a great trip to SeaLife/Legoland and only a few short weeks to summer!

Tiger Chair

 If you saw this adorable chair sitting by itself in an Ace Hardware, you would buy it too, right?  Even better, it was on sale.  I just could not resist and my little girl is thrilled with the purchase.
And reading books, of course.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Little Park

We have a little (and I mean little) park in our neighborhood.  I have talked some trash on this little park over the three years we have lived here (seriously though, who is rude enough to leave their dog poop in the sand where the kids play? Disgusting.), but now that I have a toddler I appreciate its appeal.
It is only a short walk away
It has slides
And big kid swings you can ride on with a daddy
A playhouse
And if you have a daddy (or mommy) to play with you, it is even more fun.
So, even thoughI will be on the lookout for "you know what" I think we will be taking
more trips to the little park.

Little Big Girl

Addy wants to be a big girl SOOOO bad.  Today while we were at Madison's birthday party, Addy wanted to play with the big girls.  However, by the time she walked over to them, they had run off to a new adventure.  My poor little girl who wants to be big but isn't quite there.
Luckily, Brody played with Addy for a little while.  They played "Peek A Boo" in the girls' playhouse and Addy had a great time. 
Combined with riding the bike, she was able to be a  little big girl for a little while. 

I am a Mom...

because of this little girl.
She lights up my life and gives me something to smile about each and every day.  
To celebrate being a mommy & thank my mommy, this Mother's Day, Tim, Alison, Addy, & my mom went to brunch at Miguel's Cocina.  Yup, same restaurant as last year but at a new location by our house.  It was delicious...mmmmm...white cheese sauce...and we had a nice time.  The unlimited mimosas helped too. :-)
Tim had to work, my mom had to drive to LA, and Alison had plans with Brad's mom, so Addy & I got to spend the rest of the day just relaxin' at home until I decided to treat us to a cake pop and myself to a drink.  Addy also got to wander around outside in the little courtyard.  Then home for a quiet night.
Overall the day was a success and I am so very thankful I got to share it with my mom.  Nothing like being a mom and still having your own mom around to share the experience with.  Mom, thank you for being you!  You are an inspiration to many, but most of all to my sisters and me.  Love you!
And Addy, thank you for making me a mom.  There is nothing like it and I am so glad we found each other!!

Side note: The above pictures were taken & edited with my iPhone with an app called Camera+...I LOVE it!! Best camera app I have found so far (even better than Instagram!).

Padres Game

Last Friday (well 2 Fridays ago now...I am a bit behind in the blogging) we went to our first Padres' game of the season.  Tim, my mom, Addy & I did some shopping beforehand to make sure Addy would be stylin'.
 It was Teacher Appreciation Night & Beer Fest (anyone else see the correlation??) so we were able to score some discounted tickets, drink some yummy beer, and hang out on the grass listening to music before the game.

 We then met up with our friends, Heather, Charlotte, Heather's parents, & my other friend, Irene & her husband, Jimmy.  The Padres decided to take the game into extra innings, which could have been rough for 2 one year olds, but Charlotte & Addy did great, staying awake with minimal crying.
 In the end, the Padres won!!  And it was a great night!  Looking forward to more Pads games this season.

New Ride

I have been debating (in my head and aloud with Tim) whether or not to get Addy a little bike that she can push herself around on.  Since she STILL hasn't mastered the walking thing I thought it might be kind of pointless.  Addy's friend, Micah, also got a cool little BMW bike that was cool and had no peddles.  See how much Micah loves her new ride:
Seeing Micah I thought maybe this would be a good idea. Then we went to my cousin, Cyndy's, house for a birthday party and my daughter feel in love...with a bike. 
Now I think we really need to get Addy a new ride...what do you think?

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Addy's Favorite Place

When Addy & I are home alone and I need to cook dinner, she LOVES being on the counter with me.  Playing in the drawers and cupboards are not enough anymore, Addy wants to be where all of the action is happening.  She is even pretty good at "stirring" and "mixing". She is happy, which in turn makes Mommy happy.

Party Time

Addy is very lucky to have her two BFFs whom were born within 3 months of her.  It has been fun to see all three of them grow into their own little personalities and see how they react to each other.  Last weekend was Micah's first birthday party and Addy & I went to help celebrate.  Micah was the perfect hostess, greeting everyone and making sure no one was feeling left out.  Addy's other friend, Charlotte, was also there so Addy got to see both of her friends.  Addy went on the slide for her first time.  She really did like it, regardless of the face she is making in this picture.
Micah also opened presents with her mommy & daddy's help.
There were also cake pops, cupcakes, and fun buckets of ice to play in.  Overall, a great day for three 1 year olds and their parents. Happy birthday, Micah!