Sunday, August 28, 2011

Lil' Talker

Addy is a little talker; she has been since she was little. Nothing has changed and my love bug loves pretending she is on the phone.  This game has gotten even more fun now that she found one of my old cell phones.  She is now constantly "on" the phone and talking to someone.  She takes her phone everywhere with her and trust me, I get lots of comments about it. And to be honest, neither Tim or I really like talking on the phone so I really do not know who she is copying.  Anyways, here is a video of Addy multitasking, walking around and chattin' on the phone.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Trevor Hoffman

I consider myself to be a pretty big Padres fan.  Tim and I watch a lot of Padres' games on TV and we go to as many games as possible at Petco.  A couple of years ago we just happened to be at the game where Trevor Hoffman pitched his 500th save.  It was a great night and one of those memories I will always have as a Padres' fan.
Lucky for us, we were also able to attend his retirement/retired # ceremony this past Sunday at Petco Park.  Tim, Addy, my mom, Alison, Brad, Mandy, Mandy's boyfriend (Tom), and I were all there to watch the beautiful ceremony celebrating the number one closer in MLB history.  Not only did I get to relive his 500th save, but I also got to see footage of my childhood.
 The official unveiling of Hoffman's retired number
 He joins these 4 Padres Greats
After the ceremony we enjoyed an exciting (and nail biting) game of baseball.  And of course, Addy was wearing her Pads gear.
Great way to spend a Sunday!  And big thanks to Mandy & Tom for coming down!  Loved seeing you both!


Tim's parents were invited by Tim's aunt and uncle to come stay with them on a boat docked here at Harbor Island.  Intrigued by the boat and eager for a chance to visit their granddaughter, Carol & Dennis headed our way.
We picked them up at the airport and wandered through Little Italy's Farmer's Market and then up and down India St. in search of food.  And boy did we find it.

Then off to Hillcrest to visit Tim's work and buy some goodies for the boat.  Addy and I decided to help Carol & Dennis take their stuff onto the boat so we could scope it out.  Pretty neat set-up and how much fun to live on a boat for a week!
Addy loved the steering wheel
 On Monday we had dinner on Mission Bay and then cruised around on the Bahia Belle, a sternwheeler boat.  It was great fun and I would recommend it to anyone wanted to just sit back and relax.
Gotta love Woodstock's!
Carolyn helping Addy eat dinner
 Such a gorgeous night
 View from the 3rd deck of the Bahia Belle
 Kerry & Ed
 Carol & Dennis
 The wheels that were moving us.
 Addy & Alison
 The Milton's
 Aunt Nancy, Mom, Alison, & Renee
 We docked at the Bahia and decided to see some rescued seals that Carol had seen earlier.  
They were really cute (but moving too fast for a pic) and while we were there some hula dancers came out.
Such a fun way to end a great night!

A Day at the Beach

Knowing I had to go back to work in just a few short days really made me pack everything I possibly could into the last few days of summer.  Lucky for me, Tim was able to take off the days leading up to my going back to work, so we spent lots of time as a family.  One day, we were off to La Jolla.  It was such a gorgeous day that I could not help but take some pictures. 
Love the seals
 Thought this was a cute shot
 Family Pic
 So lucky to call this home

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Big Shoes

Tim has watched Addy the last few days while I have gone back to work.  She has discovered I have quite the shoe collection and today when I got home, she was walking around in a pair of my heels.  If you know me, you know I do not love heels and am not very graceful in them.   My little girl, waaaaay better at walking in heels than her momma.

**Just found this picture on my camera.  Tim took it while I was at work and I thought it was cute enough to share. Enjoy!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Random Pics

I have definitely been slacking off on blogging...I am sorry.  I have been writing, just a different type of writing.  Anyways, I have been trying to take a picture a day on my phone and thought I would share them with you.  Enjoy!

Somehow Love Bug got hold of a pen while in bed...she loved writing on her knees. 
And we also played with some stickers from Taylor's birthday party goody bag. 
It was a decorate ourselves kind of day. :-)
 We have been taking LOTS of walks and love visiting our local parks. 
The races rock...even on an overcast day.
 Lunch with the cousins
With a shopaholic mommy, you go shopping quite a bit.  
This was my view from my rear view mirror after done parking (not driving, promise).
 I have started bribing my daughter to go to the mall by letting her play first, 
and then we visit the doggies in the pet store.
Of course, Home Depot is always fun too.  You can play with their displays.
Coloring is fun too.
 And what would summer be without mini ice cream cones?
Showing the Padres some love

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Trip to AZ

This past week, Tim, my mom, Addy & I decided to brave the 115 degree temperatures and visit our Christman family out in Phoenix.  It was a great trip and we all got to meet the newest addition to our family, Miss Avery.  She is beautiful and even Addy, who was cautious at first, came to warm up to Avery.
We visited our cousins.
Well, technically, I visited my cousin and my mom got to see her nephews.
Ate lots of Chicken McNuggets.
Actually, we ate a lot....Mel's Diner food, tacos, and some FABULOUS homemade ice cream from Sweet Republic. 
What else is there to do when it is so hot outside???  Swim, maybe?
 Avery's first swim
And play with Avery on her mat?
Avery loves her mommy...can you tell?
And overall, we just had a great time.  Thank you Justin & Jamie for letting us invade your house!  And Brad for letting us storm into yours!