Sunday, May 23, 2010

Hand in Mouth?

Addy loves her hand. Since birth she has enjoyed shoving her whole hand into her mouth.  I keep thinking she might find her thumb or fingers and just start sucking on them, but nope, she still enjoys her whole hand. I just hope she doesn't get it stuck in there someday!


Girls Day

My Aunt Nancy & I go to the same hairdresser and we have started making our appointments at the same time so one of us can watch Adelyn while the other is getting her hair done.  This past Saturday my aunt also had her two grandchildren, Madison & Taylor.  Since the adults outnumbered the kids, my mom volunteered to come down with us as the official babysitter.  So we had an official Girls Day.  Madison & Taylor had a great time playing with Aunt Patty.  They walked around the planters.

Poured water on their heads.  Posed for pictures.
All while my baby girl watched  and thought to herself, what are those girls doin'?

Madison even got her hair trimmed too!

And the rest of us watched on.

For being so good, Aunt Nancy told the girls they could have ice cream with lunch.  There was a Soup Plantation near by, so we headed on over.  All three girls were fed and ready for a nice nap.   A fun girls day!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Hangin' With My Baby

This afternoon all I wanted to do was hang out with my baby.  I should have gone running or to the grocery store, but I was selfish and decided to just come home and hang out with Adelyn.  Watch this video and tell me if you blame me:

Isn't she adorable?  Love her.

Workin' Mom & Dad

This week has been different for Tim & I because we have both been working.  Tim went back to work this Wednesday and my mom, Grandma Patty, has been watching Addy for us.  I cannot even begin to tell you how blessed we are to have my mom watching Addy.  Everytime someone asks me if I am sad about leaving my baby girl, I can honestly say "no" because she gets to spend time with her grandma who loves her and takes great care of her.  Shoot, I think Addy has more fun at Grandma's than at home:

Though I don't mind leaving Addy with my mom, I cannot say that becoming a family with 2 working parents has been easy.  The 4:40 am alarm has not been a pleasant addition to our morning routine and not really seeing Tim for a few days is always hard.  We will adjust to our new routine and I am already counting the weeks and days to summer break when we get to sleep in and hang out in the sun.  We work so we can play, right?  Oh and so we can pay the bills and eat too. :-)
This week I have also been really reflective, thinking about the last three months and how my life has changed for the better, of course.  Tim & I now live off a 3-4 hour schedule, making sure that we are always able to feed Addy when she gets hungry.  I always have a companion for when I am running errands.  I love the Rockabye Baby CDs (my favorite is the Beatles). I love trying to get a bargain on Baby Steals and because of Baby Steals I have also discovered Scrapbook Steals, which has inspired me to become a super scrapper for the summer.  And who knew I would be excited about diaper covers? 

For some reason it also seems like this week Addy has also really started to change.  She is barely fitting into most of her 0-3 month clothes and is now in 3-6 months. Addy has been so active when she is awake and loves to talk, laugh, and swat at her toys.  My mother-in-law, Carolyn, made me a photo book of pictures of Adelyn and when I was looking at them I was amazed at how little Addy was.  She is no longer a newborn, but a full infant.  I guess with both of us working I am just cherishing the time I have with my little girl that much more. I hope you all had a great week and were able to spend and enjoy time with those you love.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day

I have always tried to make Mother's Day great for my mom.  When my sisters and I lived at home, every year we would try to devise ways to make our mom's day special.  It always involved good food and usually a trip to the movies.  This year, my mom wanted to spend the day with Addy & me but wanted me to chose where to go and what to do.  If you know anything about me, I hate to plan stuff.  I always end up passing that task on to Tim, who is good at planning things.  So, I again passed the task of planning off to my husband & Alison.

Tim chose one of our favorite Mexican food spots, Miguel's, but the Coronado location.  We have only been to the Point Loma location, but he thought it would be fun to eat and then wander around the island.  If you haven't been to Miguel's, they have the BEST white cheese sauce ever that comes with the chips and salsa.  Absolutely worth the trip.  So, down to Coronado we went.  Delicious food and beverages and then we wandered over to a gelato place to get some dessert.  Yummy.

My family had to head home, so we made sure to get a few photos before they headed out. 

Happy first Mother's Day as a grandma, Momma!  Love you!!
Thanks Tim, Alison, & Mandy for planning our day!  Love you three!!

Tim and I eventually wandered into the Hotel Del Coronado.  What would a visit to Coronado be without a visit to The Del?  Tim's cousin, Robbie, works at The Del so we visited with him for a little bit and enjoyed the view, then wandered back to the car.  Now we are home and Tim is cooking some lobster...YUM!!  My day was very special and it wouldn't have been as great without these two: 
My daughter and reason for celebrating

Thank you Monkey for making my day special!  LOVE YOU!

I hope each of you had a great Mother's Day too!  Whether you are a mommy or you were hanging out with your mom we hope you had a great day!   Lots of love to all of you!

Mr. Cow

As she gets bigger, Addy just gets more and more fun to play with.  Her new favorite toy is a cow.  He rattles and has crunchy arms and when Mommy is around he likes to attack Addy and make "mooo" sounds.  She love staring at him,

grabbing at him,

and knocking him over.
I can't wait to see what she will do next.

Padres Outfit #2

This week Travelzoo had a FABULOUS deal on Padres tickets, so Tim and I decided to head back down to Petco to watch the Padres play the Rockies.  My mom bought Addy another Padres outfit (one to keep her warm), so we had an excuse to dress her up in her new Pads gear. :-)

A Day at the Zoo

When I went back to work, Tim took his paternity leave.  I am so lucky to have a husband who is willing to stay at home with his little girl for a few weeks and bond with her. Addy sure does love her daddy.  Since Tim has been off, Tim & Josh have been trying to get to either the zoo or Wild Animal Park with the girls and this week, they were finally able to.
From what Tim has told me, they had a great time looking at the gorillas, flamingos, otters, monkeys, polar bears, panda bears, and hippos.  I guess Addy slept most of the day away, but that didn't stop everyone else from walking around for hours and enjoying themselves.  Here is Addy & her big cousins, Maddie & Taylor.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Addy's 1st Padres Game

Tim & I love the Padres. Padres games are fun. If the Padres win, even better.  Since Addy has been born we have been looking forward to taking her to a Pads game.  My friend, Becky, even sent us a newborn Padres shirt Addy could wear.  Thanks Becky & Jackson for handing it down to us, I know it was hard for you to give up!

This weekend we were able to go to the Saturday early evening game.  We started off with a little visit to the new Wine Steals/Proper Gastropub downtown and then headed to the new Lolita's across from the ballpark. Then over to the game to watch the Padres take on the Brewers. Despite the first loss at home in 8 games, we all still had a great time.  Go Pads!

My Little Monkey

Adelyn has adorable clothes.  In fact, it is often hard to dress her because there are so many fun options.  I try hard to put everything in a rotation so we don't leave out an outfit, but I must admit, I have some favorites.  One of my new favorites is a onesie my friend, Victoria, got her.  What do you think?

Pretty cute, right?

Addy & her puppies

Izzie and Lily are still trying to figure Addy out.  We think they have finally figured out she is a human, but they still don't quite know what to do with her.  They want her to throw their toy:

And Lily wants to use her as a pillow:

Just as they figure her out, she will probably be chasing them and pulling their tails.   I just look forward to seeing their relationships grow because there is a special bond between kids and their dogs.