Monday, July 30, 2012

Swim Lessons

Addy started swim lessons at the beginning of the summer.  She loved being in the water.

 She was not as good at listening to Coach Owen's directions.
 But she still learned how to be water safe and enjoy the pool.
 It probably did not help that lessons were right before naptime either...but we will try again next summer!


The movie theater in Vista does $1 movies on Tuesday mornings.  They show kid movies that are suitable for a 2 1/2 year old and we have been taking advantage of the cheap source of entertainment.  Addy has really enjoyed the movies (even though she tends to cry at the end) and especially loved seeing some of her favorite people (aka Maddie, Taylor, Dylan, Brody, Micah, & Charli).
 Wannabe Sisters
 Such a diva look on Addy's face.


Addy has always been reluctant when it comes to physical activities.  For example, walking.  If you remember, she did not start walking until she was 16 months old.  She has always been hesitant to walk across the bridges at a play ground or to climb any of the ladders.  Since the summer started, she is no longer afraid, and I could not be prouder.
A high bridge
The rock wall

Just more proof that baby girl is getting big!

Addy is now....

Potty trained!!  While she has only been using 2-3 diapers for a long time and done well here at home, I was never fully committed to potty training Addy.  After our trip to Norcal, I hit the potty training hard and Addy did great and I feel confident enough to say we are done!  Woohoo!!

Monday, July 9, 2012

And we have moved...

It is bittersweet and I am a little melancholy, but we have moved out of our town home.  The first house Tim and I ever bought together, the home we brought Addy home to, and the place where we really started our lives as a family.  Our town home has been good to us and we loved living there, but sometimes life runs away from us and we have to make changes. 
As for our new rental home, so far so good.  We now have a backyard for Addy (already bought a water table) and the dogs to play in, a 2 car garage with lots of storage room, a third bedroom (for those of you who want to come visit!!), and a bigger kitchen.  Lots of positives!  And we are in a great neighborhood with a park right down the street.
To make the move even sweeter, Tim was transferred to a Trader Joe's that is less than a mile away.  He could literally walk to work (although he probably won't) and will no longer have to drive 20 minutes to and from work.  That is easily another 40 minutes a day Addy & I get to see him.  Not to mention this TJ's has better hours than his last store. 
Just a little update from us here in SD.  Once I find all of my cords and have some boxes unpacked, I will post pictures.  For now, enjoy the picture of the day.  They can help fill in the gaps of what we have been doing down here. :-)