Monday, May 28, 2012


I know I am a month behind, but it would be sad if I didn't mention the two birthday parties Addy attended this past month.  First, her BFF, Micah, turned 2.  Addy & Micah were the only toddlers and I think everyone enjoyed watching their interactions.  I know they make me smile.
Such hams...and color coordinated too.
  Brody also had a birthday party.  Renee & Cyndy did an awesome job creating a pirate themed birthday, complete with themed food, games (like walking the plank), and pirate hats for the kids to wear.  It was one of the cutest little boy parties ever.
Pin the Eye Patch on the Pirate
 The Kids!
 Even Pepa dressed up!

Saturday, May 26, 2012


For Tim's 30th and Dennis' 60th birthdays, we decided to take a family trip to Disneyland. There were eleven of us total and I think a good time was had by all.  We were able to go for two days and spend the night in a very nice hotel (thank you Alison!!!).  And Addy got to meet one of her favorite characters, Mickey Mouse.  We also caught the great new show, World of Color, in California Adventure.  While I am not sure they do justice to the trip, I will let the pictures do the rest of the talking.
Back of the boat on It's a Small World
 Front of the boat
 Nap time!
 World of Color
 Mandy & Tom

 Mickey directing everyone in singing "Happy birthday"

 The whole gang, minus Tom

 Disneyland has some of the best corn dogs ever

Can't wait to go back!!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

I don't want to forget...

Time has run away from me and I planned on writing this post awhile ago, so some of these items are old, but I still wanted to write them down.

I don't want to forget...

how Addy wants me to do everything with her "Momma too?"

Addy's opinions about music in the car.  She prefers Wiz Kalifa & Snoop Dogg over John Mayer.  And still loves her "Baby" song.

terrorizing and chasing the dogs (ours and my mom's) with the stroller.

how excited Addy gets when she finds out Tay Tay will be at G-ma's...and how she can drive Taylor nuts like only a wannabe little sister can.
 the independence Addy has shown recently and how she wants to do everything for herself...carry her own backpack, "click" her carseat, get in/out of the car, and turning on the tv.
our showers on the weekends...who knew someone could love the shower as much as me??

the bedtime routine of reading books, tucking Addy in, blowing out the light, and then having to lay next to her bed on the floor.
the gazillion things Addy "needs" on her bed to sleep, including but not limited to 4 blankets, Froggy, Bear, Minnie, Big Frog, and dolly.

Dancin' Queen

Addy is a dancing queen.  She loves music and coming up with her own dance moves.  Her favorite Pandora station?  Disney Soundtracks Perfect for "Princess Addy" as she calls herself when wearing her Cinderella dress-up outfit.  (Thank you Lisa!!)  I love every minute of Addy's dancing and thought I would share a video with you.  Please ignore my giggles and the camera shake. :-)

Sunday, May 13, 2012


Addy has become evasive when I pull out my camera, so I had to be sneaky to get these pictures.   
Think they were worth it!  Don't you?


Have I ever mentioned how lucky Addy is to have such great friends???  She is beyond lucky that I just happened to be working with Heather & Lauren, who just happened to be pregnant at the same time as me, and who just happened to be cool.  :-)  I love that Micah, Charli, and Addy get along and are all fun to be around.  They are just so fun together.
A couple of weeks ago we decided to take advantage of Legoland's Teacher Appreciation Day and take the girls for a free day at Legoland. 
In Line
 Woo Hoo
 Where's the water?
 Storybook Land
 The bugs & I
Addy & Charli
 Poor Micah got hurt
 And Mission Accomplished: Wear Addy out!

Palm Springs

When I asked Tim what he wanted to do for his 30th birthday, with no hesitation, he told me he wanted to go to Palm Springs. A few conversations later and we decided to invite some of Tim's friends from work and make it a laid back family trip.  Tim choose a great hotel for families, Palm Mountain Resort, which had a huge lawn for kicking a soccer ball around and Adirondack chairs to lounge in.  We were also lucky to have beautiful weather (it started raining the day we left).  Overall, another successful trip out to the desert.
Egg Hunt
 Marley found the most eggs
 Love the bubbles
 Marley is beautiful & a great model!!
 Braylen is cute too!!
 And Brawley is going to be a lady killer with those eyes
 And my favorite little girl.

Day After AKA Easter

More than a month late, but better late than never, right?

The day after Alison's wedding we all gathered at the newlywed's house for breakfast.  It was intimate compared to the night before and we were able to rehash everything from the day before, hide some eggs for the kids, and decorate the getaway car.  It was a good couple of hours of family, food, and some beverages.
Looking for those eggs
 Ryan's first Easter (Brad & Alison's nephew)
 Beautiful Taylor
 Got one!
 Action shot
The car
 Video of the car leaving

Tim's parents & sister were here for the festivities so we all drove to see the Temecula Manberts.  Unfortunately, I didn't take any pictures. :-(  But we did have another egg hunt (thanks Rob) and hung out for a bit.
Overall a successful Easter!

 Addy was definitely worn out by the day's activities