Thursday, April 26, 2012

I will never get tired of...

Addy's laugh. 
Regardless of the mood I am in, Addy can make me smile with her laugh.
Here is a video of her laughing during her bath tonight.  Sorry for my obnoxious noises.


Alison & Brad asked Addy, Madison, and Taylor to be the flower girls in their wedding. This was a task taken very seriously and when it came to the official practice, the girls were awesome.  Addy was her typical, fickle 2 yearself, but she did okay.  Well enough that Alison & Brad still wanted her in the wedding.  My cousin, Andrea, capture some great moments that pretty much sum up the evening so I will let the pictures do the talking.
The Groomsmen
 Mom, Grandpa, Grandma
 Brody (one of the ring bearers)
 Uncle Dick & Kona

 Ryan licking his dad's (Scott's) head
 My husband has such funny faces

 Tired bug
 Dinner (taco truck) was delicious!
Justin T., Justin C., & Andrea
 It was also Jamie's birthday

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

"Baby Song"

Addy's favorite song of the moment is "Love You Like A Love Song Baby" by Selena Gomez & the Scene.  She is obsessed to the point that any time we are in the car she requests "Addy's Baby Song".  I also have to negotiate with her about getting to listening to some of my music.  I think we are at two of my songs to her one.  Anyways, here is You Tube video of Selena Gomez performing the song on the Ellen Show.  Hope you enjoy the song as much as Love Bug does!

Grandpa Milton

Tim's Grandpa Milton was a special man. He was one of those people who accepted everyone for who they are and loved you unconditionally.  Just like Mormor & Papa, Grandpa Milton welcomed me to the Milton clan with open arms and was always so sweet when we were able to visit.  Grandpa Milton passed away on Superbowl Sunday and he will be missed by many, but he left quite a legacy.
Instead of a funeral, Tim's family had a celebration of life to celebrate the legacy Grandpa Milton left behind.  Tim, Addy, & I were able to fly up to join the rest of the Milton family at the end of March (I know, I am a month behind).  It was great to catch up with the Milton's and meet some of Tim's cousins for the first time.  I am so glad we were able to go.  Tim, Addy, & I are beyond lucky to be included in such great families.
The Great Grandchildren
The Grandchildren
 The Children
 Our little Milton family
 Marve Goofing Around

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


While I will start "themed" posts shortly, I have a couple of "favorite" pictures to share first.
 Do not give children strawberries to eat in the backseat of a car, no matter how much they beg for the strawberries.
  I learned that the hard way...
 I just love this picture of Addy...she has so many expressions
 Addy thinks she is the coolest kid around.  Especially when she has her shades on.

 Ham, ham, ham...we love ham.
 The coolest?  Stealing Daddy's Padres' hat and his sunglasses.

 Favorite things: Running around naked, reading, Izzie, and Monsters Bowling.  :-)