Monday, November 28, 2011

Mini Photo Shoot

There is nothing better than a clean toddler with crazy hair.  Combine that with a love bug who was willing to pose?  We have a mini photo shoot. :-)  Enjoy!

 Such a silly head!

 Lily wanted in on the action too.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Behind the Wheel

Addy loves playing in my car.  She loves "driving" and pushing all the fun buttons in the front.  I finally got some cute pictures of her playing around in my car.  Enjoy!

Brew N Que 12

While we were in college our group of friends had an annual party called Brew N Que.  It was all about the BBQing, going to a football game, and brewing after the game.  Over the years as our group grew bigger, so did the party.  After graduating we decided to make Brew N Que our annual reunion, with all of us making the trek to watch our Aggies play.  One year we even took SLO over for a weekend.  No matter where we are, Brew N Que is always about friends and lots of fun.
This year Addy made the trek to Davis with us and experienced her first UCD football game.  She not only got to hang out with our college friends, but Carol, Dennis, Mormor, & Colleen came up too.  Thanks to Carol, Tim & I also got to spend a night out on the town with our friends.  Overall, Brew N Que was another successful weekend and it was great to see our friends and reminiscence about our college days.  BIG thank yous to Kelly & Shad for picking/dropping us off at the airport and to Carol for watching Addy Saturday night!
Now some pictures:
 Our little family (plus Gavin)
Addy in her bedazzled Amigos shirt (Thanks Shan!!)
 Some of the year there will be 2 more babies in this picture!  
Some of the best friends a girl could ask for.
Tim finally got to take his baby girl to a UCD game.
Some of the boys
When you are on vacay, you get to eat cupcakes for breakfast, right?

Matching Bandages

Izzie was limping last week, so we decided to take her to the vet to be checked out. Turns out she just pulled a muscle, but while Tim was there we decided to get their annual shots taken care of too.  Both of the dogs came home with bandages on their legs and I thought they were so cute.  Love our doggies!

I don't wait to forget....

It's been awhile since I have written one of these posts, but this afternoon with Addy inspired me.  So here we go.

I do not want to forget....

How when Addy gives a hug she pats your back.  Kind of reminding you that everything is okay.

How Addy's voice changes when she is trying to get something out of you.

Addy going around the house going "Izzie, where are you??", how Addy shushes the dogs when the bark, how much Addy truly adores her doggies

How teaching "please" and "thank you" were so easy and that even in the middle of the night when she is not feeling well, Addy still remembers to use them.

Calling her aunties "Titi"

How good Addy is at using my phone..."fon, please, Momma" or "monkey, monkey"

How much fun it is to sit next to each other on a stair (especially our neighbors' steps)

"Rosy, rosy" (ring around the rosy) never gets old

Dancing & singing to Adele in the backseat. She doesn't know the words but you would never know the way she sings.

Sitting on the couch sharing a blankie and cuddling while watching "Elmos" or "Dora"

Telling her daddy "no" when he tried to put pants on...and pointed to her tutu dress instead.  Diva in the making.

The first time Addy really enjoyed taco shop...even eating her beans and rice.

And how much fun it is to play with a hair brush and make everyone in the house (dogs included) pretty.

Saturday, November 5, 2011


While this was not Addy's first Halloween, it was her first Halloween dressing up and eating candy.  If you remember back to last Halloween, I did not dress Addy up in a costume.   She had lots of cute Halloween outfits, but I choose not to get her a costume.  This year was different.  Addy dressed up as a bee.
I think she pulled it off well. We taught her how to "bzzzz" but of course, Addy does not do anything unless she wants to, so I am not sure anyone heard it.  There was quite a few "Boos" over the day, so I think she understood what Halloween was all about. 
My mom took Addy to Madison's school and Addy got to see all of the elementary school kids dressed up, watch a performance of Thriller, and play with Madison & her friends on the playground.  I am sure that was the highlight of Addy's day.  The highlight of my day was trick or treating at my grandparents.  It has become tradition that all the great-grandkids visit my grandparents and it is so fun to see them all together.  Taking a picture of all the kids together...big fete...but I think we got a few good ones.
And of course, I had to get a picture of Titi Alison & Addy
And a picture of the aunts
Then home to give out candy to the kids in our neighborhood.  Overall, another successful Halloween!


Addy has mastered saying "punkin".  I think it is adorable.  As much as she loves her  "punkins", she wasn't quite sure about carving our big pumpkin.  She "helped" me scoop out the yuckiness.
While I was actually cutting out the eyes, nose, & mouth, Addy made funny faces.
And in the end, I think our partnership created a pretty cute Jack 'O Lantern.