Saturday, November 10, 2012

Halloween 2012

This year Addy fully understood Halloween.  She knew she got to dress up, there was candy involved, and that when you knocked on a door that you said "Trick or Treat" and "Thank you."  She was ready for several weeks prior to actual Halloween.  To say Addy was excited would be an understatement, she was ecstatic.  So when we were shopping at good ole Costco and she spotted an Ariel dress, could I stop her from being Ariel?  Nope.  I was outvoted by Addy and Tim.  So we had a full blown princess (with "princess" shoes even-Thank you Payless Shoes!) on our hands. 
Addy spent the day with my mom and Alison and we met up at my grandparents for some enchiladas and trick or treating.  It has become a tradition to go there first, and it was great practice before the real deal later on.  Of course, seeing our cousins is another treat of going to G & G's.

 After we were done visiting we came home to trick or treat in our new neighborhood. So much more happening than our old neighborhood and so fun to see everyone having so much fun.  Addy was having fun too, until....
we walked up to a house that had a motion sensor giant spider. That jumped out of bushes and right at us.  
Not good for me (who is scared of spiders) and not good for Addy who is scared of most bugs. 
In our effort to run away, her crown fell off, and I stepped on it.  All the while my mom, Alison, and Tim laughed from the street.  
Of course, Addy immediately asked to go home.  I knew of a few "safe" houses that I made her visit first, but my poor baby was so sad.  She still mentions the big spider and even points to the house when we drive by.  Poor girl. :-(  Hopefully next year she will still want to go trick or treating.  
Despite our drama, Addy was still willing to pose with her loot and forced a smile onto her beautiful face. 

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Disney On Ice

Addy has finally reached the age where she can watch a full tv show or even a movie.  I have taken her to a few movies and when I saw Disney on Ice tickets for sale I thought, why not?  Tim and I both went to Disney on Ice as kids and have fond memories watching our favorite Disney characters dancing around on ice. 
Since we don't leave North County as much as we like, we decided to make a night out of it and headed to Point Loma for some yummy seafood.  We have been to Point Loma Seafood and do really like their food, but it is always so busy, so we decided to try Mitch's.  So glad we did.  Clam chowder, crab cakes, lobster tacos, and happy hour beer.  Perfect start to the night.
Addy Agrees...clam chowda is yummy.
 Lookin' at the boats

Then we headed over to the Sports Arena.  Addy was so excited for "The Show". 
 The 3 of Us
 Hard to tell, but this is the "It's A Small World" part of the show
It was so great sharing Disney on Ice and seeing it again through Addy's eyes.  
Even weeks later she still refers to "The Show" and the characters we saw.  

Saturday, November 3, 2012

LA LA Land

I think I have already mentioned this, but we have been busy around here.  So busy that Tim and I both needed a break from the real world.  Since it is close and because two of our favorite people live there, we decided to take a mini trip to LA for the weekend. My mom had not visited since Mandy moved in with Tom so she decided to join us too. It was great to visit Mandy & Tom  and see where they live.  I think we did a pretty good job of seeing and eating our way through the city.
 First stop, Marina del Rey to check out the beaches and eat some dinner.
My daughter is most definitely a beach girl.  Shoes off before we even hit the sand.
And I have never seen so many beach volleyball courts ever...we counted 50+.
The Griddle Cafe for breakfast.  Click the link if you dare...but be prepared for some mouth watering descriptions.
We had pretty "basic" pancakes in comparison to what is on the menu but they were DE-LI-CIOUS!  And huge!
The view of LA from Griffith Park (which was SO cool!!)
 The Observatory
 "Welcome to Hollywood"
 Mandy & Tom with their city in the background
 "Uncle" Tom and Addy (it's not official...yet)
 Such a big girl
 Cute little walk through in Beverly Hills
 The Culver Hotel
 A HUGE thank you to our tour guides, Mandy & Tom!  We loved visiting you and we will be back, promise!


I used to think winter was my favorite season...then I lived in Davis for four winters and came to despise gray clouds and rain.  Moving back to sunny San Diego did not do much for my love of winter and I have come to love fall instead.  The beautiful sunrises and sunsets.  The cool mornings, warm days, and cold nights.  Halloween.  Thanksgiving.  Yummy food.  Delicious coffee.  And pumpkins.  Pumpkins of every shape, color, and size.   No fall would ever be complete without visiting a legit pumpkin patch.  You know, the kind where you actually wander among the vines and pick your own pumpkin.  I may love pumpkins, but I think Addy might love them even more. Here are some pumpkin pictures from the last month.
Love her.
G-ma & her love bug
 Addy & Titi Alison
 Fun Times
 Titi Alison & Uncle Brad
 Addy's baby pumpkin
 Love this place!
 After watching a Super Oso show on Jack-O-Laterns, Addy bugged us to carve the pumpkins...
We finally gave in the Saturday before Halloween.
 Any gooey stuff still in there?


We were lucky in September to have several reasons to celebrate. 
First, we got to celebrate the upcoming arrival (who has now arrived) of my good friend's new baby girl.  I have been lucky to work with Lauren since I started teaching and it has been so fun to become an adult together.  We've both bought houses, gotten married, and had little girls together.  Micah is one of Addy's BFFs. I was beyond excited that I got to co-host her baby shower with Alli, her good friend from high school.
Alli made this beautiful diaper cake!  Isn't it awesome?!?
 Micah & Addy...such goof balls!
 Beautiful Charli
 Duck centerpieces made by Alli (she is so creative!)
 The Trown women (who all just happened to be color coordinated!)

Second reason for celebration?  My grandpa's 91st birthday!!  I always joke that my grandpa is kind of like the Godfather...if he beckons, you come. :-)  And even though he would never actually beckon, we all still come.  Grandpa Charlie is one of a kind and I am just honored that we could host a brunch in his honor. 
 My mom & Uncle Dick
 Blowing out the candles...
"Grandpa, what is your favorite type of dessert?" :-)
 Grandpa & his kids

I am back!

I cannot believe it has almost been 2 months since I posted last.    Unfortunately, when it comes to prioritizing, blogging comes after quite a few things (being a mommy & wife, work, picture taking, and just enjoying life in general).  We have also been busy, but that is nothing new.  So where to start??  I guess back in September!
We took a day trip down to Coronado...
 Great for some pictures.

Titi Mandy & Tom came down for Veteran's Day so we could celebrate Tom's birthday.
 The beautiful Fall sunrises and sunsets have started
 Addy loves playing soccer in the front yard.
 We have had some cousin time! 
 And played pretend softball.
 Went to our last Padres game of the season

 Mommy & Daddy had a date (Jason Mraz!) and Addy stayed with Titi Alison & Uncle Brad.
 One of Addy's favorite past times?  Cooking and baking.  
This morning she kept asking if we could bake either cookies or cupcakes.
Someone has a sweet tooth!
 Handy Manny, watch out!  Addy wants your job!
 Have I told you what an amazing dad Tim is?? 
This month he learned how to paint toes and fingernails.  And he is good at it!
 If Addy wants to be Cinderella, I should put her to work, right?  
Helping me clean outside in preparation for Grandpa Charlie's birthday party.
 That's about it for our random September pictures.  More to come, I promise!