Sunday, April 25, 2010

2 Month Photo Shoot

Since I shared some photos from last month's photo shoot, I figured I should share some from this month too.   Here are a couple of my favorites from a little "photo shoot" I did with Adelyn. Hope you enjoy!
Still hard to believe my little girl is already 9 weeks old and 12 pounds, 8 ounces, 23 1/2 inches long!  Such a big girl!'s such a wonderful thing.

While I was pregnant I was constantly told to enjoy my sleep because once I became a parent my time to sleep would disappear.  I guess I didn't truly realize how true that was until we had Addy. Tim & I took turns getting up with Addy, but neither of us ever got more than 6 hours of sleep.  Most nights, even less than 6 hours.  Even when she only started getting up once a night, we were still only getting 4 hours at a time.  Not the same as 8 continuous hours.

This week we moved Addy from her bassinet, which was the Cadillac of all bassinets, into her crib.  I guess since she is in her "big girl" crib she decided to sleep through the night.  She started off with 7 continuous hours and last night, 8 1/2 hours!  Amazing how good you feel after a full night of sleep. All I can say, welcome back sleep!  I have missed you!
Our beautiful, one-of-a-kind bassinet.  Courtesy of Kay, who made the awesome cover, and Cyndy & Josh who let us borrow their bassinet!  Thank you!!!
Kay even colored all of the monkey's cheeks pink!!
Addy loves her big girl crib!  And so do Mommy & Daddy!

Play Time

Now that Adelyn is much more alert and active she has started to amaze me with all of her sounds and her movements.  She hasn't rolled over since the first time (which I happened to get on video), but she is still quite active with her legs and feet.  She also loves to talk to you when you chat with her.  Here is a little video of her playing on her activity mat.

Trip to Nor Cal

Before Addy was born, Tim and I were thinking about when we could travel to Northern California with our little girl so she could meet most of our friends and family who live up north.  There are lots of people who are special to us who were unable to come down to San Diego for Addy's birth, so we figured we would take her to them. 
We started our trip in Pacifica and stayed with Tim's parents for a couple of days.  Addy got to meet Tim's grandparents (Mormor & Papa), some of Tim's aunts & uncles, and several family friends.  Carol was also able to introduce Addy to all of the neighbors and her walking partners. 

         Papa & Mormor                                                              Kate & Addy
Grandpa Dennis, Grandma Carol, & Addy

Tim's birthday was on the 15th.  To celebrate, I arranged for us to take a truck tour of our favorite winery in  the Russian River Valley.  Our friends, Kelly & Shad, came with us for a morning of fun.  We even topped of the afternoon with burgers and cupcakes.  Yum.  Thanks Grandma Carol for babysitting so mommy & daddy could sneak away!
                                          David Munksgard, Head Winemaker at Ironhorse Winery
                                          w/ Kelly, Shad, Tim, & Me

We then traveled a little north to Sacramento to visit some of our college friends.  We met up with some of our college roommates at one of mine & Tim's favorite date spots, Great Wall, for some Mongolian BBQ.  Mmmmm.... On Saturday we went to UC Davis' annual Picnic Day.  I hadn't been back since I graduated and I forgot how much fun Picnic Day is.  So many different activities and we got to see the eclectic parade and watch a little of the Battle of the Bands.   Oh, and not to forget hanging out with some of our closest friends.  Overall, a great day!
                                                       Addy all ready in her blue & gold!
                                                                  Claire, Tish's daughter
                             Tim & Addy with Julia & Eva, our baby girls were born less than 24 hours apart!
                             Our little family, in front of Wellman Hall where Tim & I had our first class together.

We had a great time in Northern California, but it was time to start our journey home.  We drove to Bakersfield and spent the night.  Addy did great in the car up until the last 30 minutes before we reached Bakersfield.  She was fine once we got there and went to sleep right away. 
Then the rest of the way home on Sunday.  Thank you to all of our Northern California friends & family for making our trip special!  We loved introducing Addy to all of you and we know she loved meeting all of you!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Running Fools

Over the last two days Tim, Addy, & I have run 9 miles!  Pretty exciting for all of us.  Addy gets outside in the fresh air, Tim is being my personal cheerleader, and for me, I am achieving personal bests in running.  Yesterday we ran in Pacific Beach and today we ran at my new second favorite place to run, Miramar Lake. 

Here we all are in front of Miramar Lake (sorry you can't see Addy very well!):
Here is a better picture of Addy, all bundled up:

Monday, April 5, 2010


For Easter this year, my immediate family (sisters & mom) came over to my house for brunch and then we headed over to my grandparents for a late lunch/early dinner.  My grandma's son and his family were staying with my grandparents, so Grandma decided it was easiest to do the holiday at her house.   A small gathering for our family (I believe there were there were still 16 of us including the kids), but it was nice and laid back.  Exactly what we needed.  We had lots of good food, good conversation, and even a pretty large earthquake!  We also got to celebrate Paul's actual birthday & Jack's belated birthday. Adelyn did not like her first "Happy Birthday" song, so we will have to work on that for future birthdays.

Addy in her Easter outfit, which she spit up on within a hour of wearing it.

Mandy, Jack, Cathy, & Alison

Mandy & Aunt Sandy

Addy was providing the entertainment.
We were trying to get her to roll over but were not successful.

The birthday boy, Paul, his daughter, Megan, & Grandma

Paul & Alyssa, Can you tell she is his daughter?

Jack is trying to figure out how to blow out the candle's on Mandy's iPhone.
We had to improvise since we didn't have real candles. :-)

A Family Picture

Sunday, April 4, 2010

A walk on the "wild" side...

On Monday, Tim, Addy, and I were able to visit with Tim's childhood friend, Jamie, & his family at the Wild Animal Park.  Jamie grew up across the street from Tim and they have lots of stories, especially about their disagreement about which football team was better: The 49ers or The Rams?  Who knew there could be an argument over the 49ers and the Rams?  Especially when there are the Chargers. :-)  J-K
Anyways, we got to meet Jamie & Cristina's son, Noah, for the first time and enjoy the company of their daughter, Taylor.  We saw gorillas, condors, hawks, elephants, lions, flamingos, and lots of other "wild" animals. For the start of spring break for some kids, it wasn't too busy or too warm.  A great day to hang out with friends.

Addy is in her "wild" outfit

Every year there is a butterfly exhibit and I have never been.
This year we got to go in!  So much fun!
One butterfly landed on Jamie's hand and stayed for awhile.
And one landed on Tim!

Jamie tried to tell me he was good with babies because he was boring & put them to sleep.
Looks like she is awake to me!  Maybe he is just good in general. :-)

Taylor holding Addy.  She was so calm!

And a baby elephant!  So cute.

Yes, Cristina, Noah, & Addy were there too.
Cristina was taking the picture and Addy & Noah were sleeping.
Ooops.  Next time will we have to get a group shot!

Thanks Meeks Family!  And Cristina especially for the pictures!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Moby Wrap

I haven't meant this blog to be about my favorite baby products, but I will tell you what, some things just make all of the difference with a baby.
Over the last few days Addy has been super fussy.  She is a great baby, don't get me wrong, but this child has been cranky.  She hasn't been sleeping as much as a baby should and has been fighting sleep with every ounce in her body.  It has been a constant circle of feeding, changing diapers, rocking, lying her down in her crib/bassinet, picking her back up when she starts screaming (and no, I am not exaggerating), rocking, and the cycle repeats itself.  Needless to say, we haven't had much sleep in this house and I haven't gotten much done.  One thing that has bought me some well needed time is my Moby Wrap.  This thing is awesome!  I put Addy in and within a few minutes she is calm and usually, asleep.  While over the last few days the sleep has only lasted about an hour, that is okay, it is a hour where I can wash bottles, do some laundry, walk the dogs, and maybe, eat.
So, since the Moby has given me so much over the last few days, I figured I would dedicate one whole blog post to the Moby.  And as a side note, my little girl is doing better this afternoon/evening.  She did spend some time in the Moby, but only because we had to walk the dogs. :-)

 We LOVE the Moby!
 Sleepy girl

Yup, a happy girl!