Sunday, September 26, 2010

Go Chargers!

It is hard to be a San Diego sports fans.  Traditionally our teams are lackluster and neither have won a championship.  Not trying to make you feel bad for us, but it is hard to be a San Diego sports fan where our teams rarely make watching them easy.  Most games are nail biters and it seems like we are always coming back from behind.
Even when our teams struggle, we are still big fans.  I would like to think we have more character as fans because we are always rooting for the underdogs.  So, this morning I woke up realizing Addy & I needed some Chargers gear to show our support.  Off to Wal-Mart (a store I rarely visit...) for some new apparel. 
We wore our new Chargers gear today and they lost. But we have been working on the touchdown pose with Addy and hopefully by the end of the season she will have it down.  Hopefully she will also get to use it more than we did today.

My little traveler

Adelyn has now been to Northern California four times since she was born.  Unfortunately this past week's trip was not planned and not for fun, but Addy made the best out of our little jaunt to NorCal.

She was a trooper getting up before 5 am for both flights, sitting through a couple of ceremonies, and meeting lots of new people.  She even tolerated me dressing her up in fancy dresses, tights, and shoes!  Not what our little SoCal girl is used to.

Despite the circumstances, we still had a nice visit with all of Tim's family.  Thank you to everyone who came to the services!  We loved seeing you all and are glad we were able to share our memories with you!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Life is Good

Even though we are sad about Papa, it is still easy to remember that "Life is good."

Our baby girl is almost officially 7 months old (in 1 hour and 13 minutes).  Addy still isn't crawling, but she sure does like messing with her mommy.  Now she will play on her tummy and when she is bored, she rolls right over onto her back.  Then she scoots around on the wood floor.

While she may not be even trying to crawl, Addy makes me smile.  "Life is good."

I think Addy might be getting  some teeth too.  The judge is still out on that one, but she sure does love her teething biscuits.  They cause a mess, but the enjoyment she gets is worth all of the mess.  "Life is good."

Clothes have also become an adventure. The older Addy gets the more fun she is to dress.  She even seems to enjoy getting involved and choosing shoes.  She chooses based on flavor...I choose based on how cute they are.  "Life is good."

Addy is also very observant.  She loves to talk and socialize, but she also likes to be quiet and watch everything around her.  My friend, Marin, says she is taking everything in.  :-)  "Life is good."

Not only do we have Addy, but we have each other and all of you. Life is hard, but with friends and family we can get through anything.  So, Happy 7th month birthday, Princess!!  And remember, "Life is good."

Tim's Papa

When I started writing this blog, I wanted to write about our lives.  Good or bad, I wanted to share our lives with you so if you didn't live near us that you would know what is going on with us.

This week we lost Tim's Papa to a heart attack.  Papa has had some health problems over the last couple of years, but the heart attack was still a surprise.  Tim grew up only a few minutes away from his grandparents, so he was very close to his Papa.  Me, I was welcomed into Tim's family by his Papa & Mormor (Tim's grandmother) when we started dating ten years ago.  Papa was a man of few words, but the words he did share with us were meaningful.

Addy was Mormor & Papa's first great-grandchild.  For as much as they love their grandchildren, Addy was special and you could tell any time she was around Papa.  These two, they had a special bond.  We were really lucky, we were able to visit with Papa several times since Addy was born and she was lucky to have met such a wonderful man, no matter short a time.  We have lots of stories and even though he isn't with us anymore, he will still be a part of our lives.

Papa, we will miss you and know you are watching over us.  Thank you for blessing our lives, we are truly better because of you.  Love you!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Just being herself

Our little one, aka Princess, Monkey, or Baby Smalls, loves sitting.  She will sit pretty much anywhere and is content just playing with her toys and talking.  Today we were doing our afternoon tummy and play time and I decided to take a video.  It isn't the most exciting video, but I thought it would give everyone a pretty good idea of what we do most of the time. :-)  You may not be able to hear it, but we are listening to nursery rhymes (Thanks for the awesome CD, Shan!!) in the background so you will hear me ask her if she is "dancing". 

Littly Italy Mercato

I LOVE farmer's markets.  I love picking out fresh produce to eat for the next couple of days and being able to eat locally grown food and supporting local farmers and restaurants.  Our friend, Marin, was talking about going to Little Italy last weekend (which is a whole different story that you can ask her to tell you) and Tim told her about the Little Italy Farmer's Market.  I guess he had been wanting to go down on a Saturday morning for awhile but had never mentioned it.  So, we made a date to go this Saturday.  It was awesome!!!  3 blocks of yumminess....fresh produce, free locally made popsicles, and all types of food carts.  We bought stuff to make a yummy dinner.

And at the booth where we bought the tomatoes there were some interesting looking flowers.  Tim had heard of these "squash blossoms" and decided we needed a bag...I mean they were only a $1, so how could he resist? 

When I asked Tim how he would prepare these squash blossoms, his response: "I'll just look it up on the Food Network website." :-)  I love how he can be so adventurous with food!  So, we had a fried squash blossom appetizer.

And they were pretty good! The main course, veggies with quinoa pasta and cheddar cheese bread, was better.   More my style. :-)

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A Few of Her Favorite Things....

right now. 

Right now, Addy loves playing with her dogs.  I think she has even started to tease them with the toy if that is possible at her age.  The dogs are starting to realize she can somewhat play and often drop the toy in front of her.  She also loves "petting" (aka grabbing their fur) them too. 

As you can tell from the last two photos, Addy also loves sitting.  She will now tolerate tummy time, but she really prefers sitting.  She loves "dancing" (wiggling) when there is music playing.  She even dances to Sesame Street, which brings me to another one of Addy's favs.  She loves watching Sesame Street.  It started with only 5 minutes and now can last about 30 minutes.  Some may think I am crazy for letting my daughter watch TV already, but I think it is adorable.  And maybe she will learn something in the process?  She also loves her teething rings, even though there are still no teeth in sight.

Addy is also a fan of grabbing anything and everything in sight and shoving it in her mouth.  This includes her feet (a new fascination), camera cords, the dogs toys, the remote, etc.  It has become hard to take pictures because she wants to grab the camera.

Addy also loves making faces at me. Sometimes it is just a look of surprise (even though I have been taking pictures for awhile) or a look telling me she thinks I am crazy.  Either way she is still adorable and full of personality and one of my favorite things is spending time with my little monkey.

P.S. For the record, Addy does own more than one outfit.  Believe or not, many of these pictures were taken on different days.  I guess we know which outfit is my favorite right now. :-)

Back to....

work for Tim & me and to my mom's for Addy. 

While I would like to say the transition was easy for all three of us, it wasn't.  Addy didn't want to take naps for her poor grandma and I was too exhausted at the end of the week to do anything but sleep, much less blog.  I love teaching, so don't get me wrong, it is just easier to not work. I am sorry you haven't seen any pictures or videos, or even read any updates, but hopefully as our routine settles in, I will be able to keep up with writing.  So for now, "hi" and hope you are doing well!