Friday, September 12, 2014

Ainsley's 1st Bee Day Party

We celebrated Ainsley's first birthday with a bee themed birthday party.  It was pretty low key, but very nice.  We had brunch food along with salted caramel and chocolate, chocolate cupcakes.  Ainsley loved her cupcake and playing with the big kids.  
 Birthday Banner
Goodie Bags
Milk Bottles
Welcome to our beehive!
 Ainsley with Titi Alison
 G-ma & I wearing our antennae
 The last kiddos at the party.  Even the bday girl was asleep.

 The Smith Family (minus Mike)

 Milton/Manbert Table
 Christman table
 Liz & Jacob
 Josh & Aria
 The proud parents
 Mema being silly
 Big girls
 Happy birthday to you...happy birthday to you...
One of the most favorite presents of the day.  Even Addy loved it!

Over a year later...

Amazing how a year flies by and I forget to blog.  I guess I will have to catch up again...hopefully I can just keep up.

Ainsley, you turned one year old a little over a month ago.  I cannot believe you are already one, yet I also cannot really remember not having you in our lives.  You are such a happy little girl.  You adore your daddy & sister and sometimes I will get a smile or two.  You have a full mouth of teeth and crawl all over the place. Your favorite place to be is outside.  If the screen door is open, you head right out. You weigh 24 lbs and 5 ozs and are in the 90th percentile for both height and weight.  You say "Momma", "Addy", "Daddy," and "hi".  You are very methodical and think about everything.  You love putting things "away" for us and like to have everything in the right spot.  You light up our world and we love you so very much.
Your first cupcake, vanilla with vanilla frosting from Panera

Adelyn, you are four and half years old now and you are so stinkin' smart.  You amaze me everyday with everything you know and understand.  Today you asked me what "turning tables" (after we listened to the Adele song).  I explained it to you and afterwards you made up an example.  Just so smart.  You love preschool and keep asking when you get to go to Kindergarten.  You are definitely more ready to move on and grow up than I am.  You are also obsessed with Elsa from Frozen and lately have wanted me to braid your hair like Elsa.  And you finally have enough hair that I can braid it!  You can write your name, count to 30, and can write all of your numbers.  You remember songs so well and can sing almost all of the top 40 songs and the songs you learn at school.  You continue to amaze Daddy & I and Ains is so very lucky to have a sister who adores her like you do.  We love you to the moon and back.
Being a silly head at the beach