Thursday, April 28, 2011


Lucky for Tim & I, when we visit Northern CA, we not only do we have a place to stay but lots of people to visit while there.  Carolyn organized two dinners while we were up so we were able to catch up with Tim's Auntie Kerry, Uncle Ed, Auntie Carol, Uncle John, Auntie Kate, Uncle Rush, & Mormor.  We all had a great time with fun stories, good food, great wine, and even better company.  Carol, Dennis, & Colleen, thank you for letting us invade your home and for hosting everyone for great dinners!!
Dennis, Ed, Kerry, & Tim
 Carol, John, Me, & Kerry
 Tim & his Uncle Rush
Me, Mormor, & Colleen
 Tim & his dad
 Love Bug lovin' the raviolis
Kate, Colleen, & Mormor
 Carolyn, Me, Mormor, & Colleen

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I am a nerd.  Luckily, I also married a nerd.  We love visiting historical sites when we are on vacation and increasing our knowledge about random things.  One place I have not visited, despite being in SF many times? Alcatraz.  This visit I was able to convince Tim & his family they really wanted to head out on the choppy San Francisco Bay to Alcatraz and take the walking tour.  I don't think anyone was disappointed.
 Family Pic
Shower Room (and the lockers where the inmates had to keep their clothes)
Average Cell
Starting the tour
Beautiful view of San Francisco
Group Photo...can you tell it was windy?
The hole through which two men escaped
The love bug wanted to be involved too.  So much she voluntarily put herself in jail.
Overall a great day!  Thank you Milton's for appeasing me!

The Ferry Building

I am lucky my husband is from Pacifica.  It is only a 20 minute drive into San Francisco, is walking distance to the ocean, and has a pretty fabulous coffee shop that I love to visit .  While visiting last week (during my Spring Break) we took full advantage of being close to "The City" (as Norcal folk call it).
On the first full day we were in Pacifica we thought we could make a visit to one of our favorite places in San Francisco, The Ferry Building.  The Ferry Building is a great place to browse fun, eclectic shops and eat delicious food.  We are also lucky to have some friends who not only can take an afternoon off to meet us, but were also willing to drive into SF & find parking to see us. 
We had beautiful weather
 Three of my favorite ladies
 Having a good time
 Carol & 2 of her favs
I promised Claire some ice cream after lunch...
she was such a nice girl and shared with Addy.  
Claire is going to be such a good big sister!
Shad was there too!!
Addy can make her grandma smile like no one else.
My beautiful girl, just taking it all in
Thank you Tish, Kelly, & Shad for driving down!!  And thank you Carol, for driving us and hanging out with us!

Nacho Love

Tonight I fed Addy some fish and Cuties for dessert. She grubbed and then did her normal routine of throwing everything on the ground to signal she was done and wanted out of her high chair.  While I was feeding Addy, Tim was making us some yummy pollo asada nachos that we were going to eat at the coffee table.  Who made her way over to help us?  Yup, that would be Addy Kay.  And she grubbed on the nachos.  Good thing there were plenty to go around.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Some might call me crazy...

Some might say it is crazy to fly to Sacramento for a baby shower and fly home the same day...but those people would have missed this view from the plane.
And they would have missed out on welcoming a new baby (& first boy!) into our group of friends.  They would have also missed taking an awesome picture of friends who are happy to be together.
Thanks Sonia for taking the picture!
And they would have missed out on a day full of smiles and laughter.  They would have also missed out on a "Mommy" day where Daddy took care of Addy all day.  Thank you, Monkey!!  And Tish, CONGRATULATIONS!  And I cannot wait to meet Bryce!

Phone Call

Twelve days ago I got one of those phone calls no one likes to get.  One telling me that my cousin & her girls were in a car accident...a pretty serious car accident.  When I heard the words "car accident" and "life flight" I started to cry.  Thankfully, Tim & Addy were with me and able to keep me calm.  See, no one thinks good thoughts when they hear those words when spoken about their family.
Now I can honestly say everything will be okay.  Cyndy and her girls are out of the  hospital and while they will still be dealing with the aftermath of the car accident for awhile, they will all be okay. If there is one thing Cyndy's accident did for me, it reminded me how important family is and how lucky we are to have each other.   We are so very lucky to have each other to help us when times are rough, when we need a little help, or even just need someone to hang out with. And if you need a family that does that for you, just let me know and you can be part of ours cause another awesome thing about my family, they are accepting of anyone and will welcome you with loving arms.
 Cyndy, we love you and I am so very thankful to have you, Josh, & your girls in my life!!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Bunny Cup

My mom gave Addy a bunny cup to use for the next couple of weeks.  She was trying to be festive and I thought it was a nice gesture.  I mean, the bunny is pretty cute and I could understand why she thought Addy would love the bunny cup.
And boy, did Addy love the bunny cup.  I mean, she loved shaking the bunny cup upside down and making a milky mess.
So, as "The Mom", I decided there was more shaking than drinking going on and I did not want to clean spilled milk off of the floor.
So I took the cup away.
Granted, this is not a great quality picture, but baby girl was definitely mad at her momma. 
Good thing she was just as happy with her normal sippy cup and forgot about bunny almost instantly.
Sorry G-ma, but I think we are going to put your bunny cup away for another year. But thank you for the present!


The weather has been a little funky, with a mix of really warm (like tank tops and shorts warm), cold, and sometimes wet days.  Lucky for us, I had some strawberries to break out on one of our warm days.  A combo of strawberries, okay lighting, and a cute outfit made for some cute pictures.

Can't wait to have some more strawberry days with my little girl!
Only 8 more weeks!

Jamie's Baby Shower

Remember my cousin, Justin, & his wife, Jamie, we just visited in Phoenix a couple of weeks ago?  Well, we were able to have a little baby shower for Jamie today here in San Diego.  I am posting a lot of pictures because there were some who were unable to be there and I wanted to make sure they got to partake in the fun too.  (We missed you, Cyndy!!) And a HUGE thank you to Kay who hosted all of us!!  She did an awesome job, as you will see in the pictures.
Fancy tables and pretty decorations
Lots of presents!
One of these on every table...mmmm..
Our beautiful hostess
Present time

 Quilt made by Aunt Sandy
A card made by Jamie's grandma
And some random pictures I like...
 Aunt Pam (and Grandma-to-be) reading to Addy
Congratulations Jamie & Justin!  We cannot wait to meet Baby Girl!!