Sunday, November 28, 2010

First Movie

I am a bit behind in blogging, so I am going to slowly try to catch up.

A couple of weeks ago my cousin, Cyndy, decided to take her two girls to the Saturday morning kids' matinee to see a Care Bears movie.  She invited all of us to go (my mom, Renee, her boys, Aunt Nancy, and Andrea) and we decided to go see the Care Bears too.  I was a little nervous that Addy wouldn't sit through the whole 67 minutes, but she did just fine with a bottle and the ability to move between G-ma and me. :-)

The best picture of Addy in her big girl seat:

Madison also made sure everyone was supplied with their own Care Bear.  We had a great time and it is always fun to see Addy interact with her "big" cousins.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


I am thankful for so many things, but to just highlight a few:

I am thankful for the best friend, husband, and dad a girl could ever wish for.  And he is pretty freakin' cute too.

I am thankful for my adorable, sweet, beautiful, happy little girl.  She is more wonderful than I could have wished for.  And I think she might be thankful for me least her shirt says she is. :-)

I am thankful for my mom, who just happens to be a fabulous dad, babysitter, role model, and best friend too.  She is amazing and I strive to live up to her example.
I am thankful for my sisters.  They keep me in check, listen to me whenever I need them, they give great hugs, know how celebrate, and have been through everything with me.  There is no one in the world who understands me like my sisters.
I don't have a picture with all of my family in it...but that does not matter because I am thankful for all of my family (extended, in-laws, even adopted family members).  I have a sense of security because of my family.  There are so many people who care about me, Tim, & Addy that no matter what happens, we will be loved and taken care of.  I guess this probably not a good thing, but I cannot help it, we are just lucky that way.  Our families are awesome.

And last but not least, I am so very thankful for our friends.  Tim & I both have been blessed with some really fabulous friends.  All of our friends are fun, entertaining, and are so giving.  Our lives are so full because of all our friends.

While I am thankful for many other things (like our dogs, jobs, cars, health, etc) I am truly most thankful for all of you.  I hope I have not left anyone out, and if I have, I am very sorry.  Our lives would not be as rich without all of you. Thank you very much!

And Happy Thanksgiving!!  Hope it is full of good food, love, and good wine!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Show me....

your teeth!

Addy has two teeth on the bottom and we think she might be getting two more soon.  Such a cute smile!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Bath Time

During bathtime Addy is confined in her bathtub, which means I can take pictures of her without her moving everywhere, right?  Well, maybe I was a little wrong, but I did get some cute pictures of Addy.

Always the curious one...what is going on over there? What am I missing?  Are the dogs doing something cool?

New favorite bathtime toys? Rubber duckies!

Still love putting everything in my mouth.

Miss Determined...tell her not to do something and she will most definitely do it.

And still my happy little girl.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

We are in trouble...

Now that Addy is moving around (still not crawling, but scooting and rolling) she is able to get into some trouble.  She loves digging into her diaper bag and my teacher bag.
And has even discovered the dogs bowls.
 Guess it is time to baby-proof!!


How could one not choose fall as their favorite season when they can wake up (or drive to work) to this:

And then drive home to this:

Combined with warm, dry days, cool nights, and the changing color of trees (obviously not in the same way as Vermont trees, but ours do in their own way), fall is by far my favorite season.

Restless Sleeper

Addy has been a restless sleeper since she was a baby.  She makes lots of noises in her sleep, whimpers sometimes, and usually wakes up with her blankets everywhere.  Since she has become more mobile, she has also woken up all over the crib.  Sometimes she is on her belly, sometimes she is in the corner of the crib, and until recently when I put all of the bumpers in, she had feet dangling out of the crib.  Please excuse the following pictures' quality.  I didn't really want to wake her up with the big flash.
This is what Addy looks like when I put her to bed:

And this is how I have found her:

While I used to worry about our restless girl, I have started to relax about Addy's sleeping and have actually found some humor in it.  I sure do love walking in her room in the morning to see where she is!  And that smile is pretty fun too!

Side notes: Yes, you are seeing some Christmas themed pjs.  What can I say?  Baby girl is growing faster than I thought. And in this last picture Addy had not only completely turned herself around, but she also found that binky and put it in herself.  She didn't go to sleep with a binky.


We love visitors. No, seriously, we love it when people come to visit!

Last weekend, Grandma Carol, Grandpa Dennis, and Auntie Colleen were able to come down to Southern California to use some free Disneyland passes they had.  While we skipped Disneyland, we did get to visit with them on Sunday in San Clemente.  It was a beautiful day in San Clemente, so after some yummy food we strolled along the pier and hung out on a little piece of grass.  Addy was excited to see her grandparents and auntie.  Thank you for the pictures, Carol!

We were also able to head down to downtown to have dinner with Andrea afterwards, but sadly, I did not take any pictures. :-(  Busy Sunday, I know, but we all had lots of fun with our visitors!


This Halloween I made the executive decision to not dress Addy in a costume.  While this provoked quite the debate, the decision was made and I stuck to it.   We did not go treat-or-treating and did not go to any parties, we just hung out with family for a little bit, so I didn't feel a costume was needed.  Instead, Addy had two Halloween outfits she wore on the days leading up to and actual Halloween.

Outfit #1
Outfit #2

For actual Halloween we just went to my grandparents to see all of my cousins' kids dressed up.  We tried to take a picture, but it was hard to get one where all 5 kids were looking at the camera, much less smiling all at once. :-)  Not a bad picture though, even though our Ariel (aka Madison) isn't really smiling.  
With/without a costume I think Halloween was a success!  And I am looking forward to next year, when Addy will trick-or-treat and Mommy will get to raid her goodies. :-)