Sunday, October 31, 2010


 Mandy's Graduation from UCSB right before I found out I was pregnant

I am going to try not to cry too much while writing this post.  Honestly, I have been really good over the last couple of weeks, keeping up a strong face and refusing not to cry and staying positive, but that can only last so long with me.
My sisters are my best friends.  We have been through a lot in our lives and no matter what happens, we have found strength in each other.  We can make each other laugh, smile, cry, and we know how to push each other's buttons.  We know each other as well as we know ourselves.  I love being with my sisters and cannot imagine not having them.  In fact, it is the reason I decided to have kids many years ago and has convinced me to have more than one child (although that idea is appealing).
About a year ago, Alison was diagnosed with lymphoma.  Another crazy disease to hit my sisters and a another crazy journey for us to travel along together.  My sister has dealt with this blow gracefully and has been positive throughout the last year.  She has just gone to her doctor's appointments, taken her tests, and patiently waited for the day when she might actually have to do something about her lymphoma.  Well, that day seems to be heading our way and it has shaken all of us.  While we knew she had lymphoma, this just makes it all that much more real.  And while I know my sister is going to be okay, I wish she didn't have to go through this. I wish she didn't have to worry about losing her hair or if she is going to have to take time off of work.  I don't want her to get sick or be tired all of time. 
I know the power of positive thoughts and prayers too.  So, I am just asking you keep my sister in your thoughts.  I want her journey to be as painless as it can be and know it will only help to have a little positive energy heading her way. Thank you very much for your time and I know that we are lucky to have all of you in our lives. 

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

Fallbrook has a little pumpkin patch that was perfect for us this year.  It is local, has beautiful pumpkins, and the owners only live down the street from my mom and went to school with my dad.  True Fallbrook, for sure.

Alison and Tim had the day off, and my mom had the afternoon free, so we all decided to head down to the pumpkin patch.  It was a good place for us to just forget what is going on in the world and enjoy each other and of course, Addy.  Not that I am surprised, but she loved putting the pumpkins in her mouth.

I loved taking pictures (even though the lighting was not fabulous).

Of course, we had to take some family pictures too!

Overall, a successful day.  We all got pumpkins and some good pictures!

Happy Halloween!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Which hand will it be?

I am guessing Adelyn is left-handed, by only watching her eat.

She picks up her food with her left hand....
shoves it into her mouth with her left hand....
even uses her left hand when using a spoon.
Please excuse the banana on Addy's nose

While I know it may be a little too early to guess, I am still going to put my money on Adelyn being left handed. Guess we will just have to wait and see!

Big Girl Carseat

Adelyn grew too big for her "bucket" car seat, so we have moved her into her big girl car seat.  Can you tell she likes it?

Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Next Steven Spielberg?

Nope, I am not talking about Addy, I am talking about me! I took some videos of Addy this week and using our Flip video camera and made two "movies" of Addy.  Next Steven Spielberg, probably not, but I am quite impressed with myself.  What do you think?

This movie is of Addy playing with Lily.  I am so happy our dogs have adjusted to having to share us with Addy.  In fact, they have realized she can start playing with them.

This movie is of Addy moving around on the floor.  She eventually made it to the diaper bag, which she wanted to explore.  I mean, who wouldn't want to play with our cute diaper bag?  While this movie doesn't show much, Addy is doing pretty well on exploring our floor. :-)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


I tend to be sentimental, especially during key points in my life.  Today, I was thinking back 8 months ago when Tim & I were at the hospital with our new baby girl.  We hadn't slept much and had no clue what we were going to do with our little girl. How were we going to know when to feed her? Change her diaper?  What do we do if she just cries and cries and cries?  Will we be able to handle it? 
It is amazing how eight months can just fly by and the answers to those questions just came to us.  It is amazing how we have become a family and it has just worked.  Worked better than I ever thought it would. 
Now my baby girl is eight months old.  She smiles and her arms fly out when either Tim or I enter the room from being gone for the day.  She "talks" constantly and loves music.  We even "sang" into microphones (aka the remote) the other day.  She has one tooth peeking through her tender gums and she loves her vegetables (more than even fruit!?!).  Whenever Addy is in the room, she is usually the source of entertainment for everyone around her.  Her personality, smile, and laugh are all infectious and you cannot help but love to be around her.  She is currently the baby on both my side and Tim's side of the family, which means she is surrounded by more affection and love than is normal.  I cannot even begin to explain how lucky my little girl has been to be surrounded by such love.
So, driving to work after leaving my little one at my mom's, I was listening to my song of the moment,  "Home" by Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros.  You may recognize it from the NFL commercial, or you may have heard it on a blog I have linked on here ("Enjoying the Small Things"), but it is my song of the moment and I think it is perfect.  I feel most at home when I am with my baby girl and husband.  We could be anywhere and I will be home as long as I am with them.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

My Little Helper

Addy did not want to take a nap this morning, which meant she "helped" me make breakfast this morning.  She was helpful in grabbing everything in sight, knocking things off the counter, and wiggling around the counter. Good thing she was adorable in the process.  How could you get mad at a face like this?

Daddy's Little Girl

Adelyn loves her daddy.  Tonight, she was so excited and could not wait to sit on the couch and watch football with her daddy.  Love them both.

Grass? What is that?

Living in a condo, we don't have immediate access to grass.  Lucky for us, our complex has a park and a little piece of grass.  So, the dogs, Addy, & I ventured down to introduce Addy to grass.  She was ready for a nap, so she wasn't super into having her picture taken or having her mommy messing with her, but Addy did start to like it towards the end.

Sleepy, non-blinking girl

 Hmmm...what is that green stuff?
 Feels kinda cool
Added bonus, the doggies were there. 

Our little venture down to the grass was successful in introducing Adelyn to grass.  May we make our way outside much more!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Steak & Potatoes

For dinner tonight, Addy was having sweet potatoes and Tim & I were having steak, sweet potato hash (with bacon...mmmm...) and veggies.  Addy was done with her sweet potatoes first and was still acting hungry. So, Tim & I let her have some steak.  She just gobbled it up.  As so as I got a piece cut, she had it in her mouth.  I thought it was funny, so Tim took a video.  The video... is not as funny as it could have been, because baby girl has become camera shy.  Hope you enjoy watching our steak & potato girl!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Lazy Saturday

I do not remember the last time Addy & I were able to stay at home all day.  Just lounge around, play, eat, and watch some football.  That is what we have done all day and it has been the best medicine for a tired mommy and baby.!

Love the feet

Goofin' Around

Something to Celebrate

Last weekend, Tim, Addy, & I made the drive back up to Northern California, but this time it was to celebrate. My college roommate, Jess, and our good friend, Kyle, tied the knot after eight years of dating. 

Addy did great on the drives up and back.  She just sat back, played with her toys, and when she got bored, she slept. :-)

The wedding was beautiful and I was lucky to stand up next to Jess as she said her vows. 

Thank you to Michelle for sharing these pictures!

Everyone at the wedding had a great time.  Lucky for Tim & I, we were able to go and just enjoy ourselves because Carolyn & Colleen came over to Berkeley to babysit Addy.  Addy had a great time too.  Thanks for sharing these pictures, Carol!

Thanks Jess & Kyle for getting married!  We had a great time celebrating with you!!

Big Girl?

Adelyn still seems little to me.  She is still, and will probably always be, my little girl.  However, she is starting to do some "big girl" things.  She has started feeding herself.  In fact, she would much prefer to feed herself than for her mommy and daddy to give her baby food.  She even likes to hold her own bottles now too.

Sometimes that means shoveling the food into her mouth, but hey, get the food any way you can, right?

Addy has also started to use a sippy cup with water.  She kept turning away from me when I was trying to get a picture of her, so this was the best one I got.

Addy is also starting to sound like she is "talking".  She has said "dada" several times, although she still hasn't made the connection that is what she calls her daddy.  Addy is also starting to stand on her own while holding onto something.  She also loves undoing her diapers while I am getting her dressed. 

While my little girl may be becoming a "big girl" I am trying to cherish all of her "little girl" things.  I will hold her bottle when she lets me, feed her when she will eat off her spoon, watch her scoot around on the floor and continue to cuddle with my little girl whenever I can.

Sleeping Beauty

While I think my daughter is adorable and fun while awake, she sure is precious when she is asleep too.  The other night her daddy said "Addy sure is an angel when she is asleep," and I must agree.  I love looking in at her and seeing her all cuddled up with her frog blanket and the quilt my mom made her.  Makes me so very happy.  Sleep well my little one.