Saturday, August 24, 2013

Ainsley Marie, A Birth Story

On August 10th Addy, Tim, & I woke up like any normal Saturday morning.  Tim got up and headed to a mid-shift and Addy and I decided to go to the movies to see Planes.  We both enjoyed the movie, even though I had pretty consistent contractions all the way through.  The contractions eventually subsided and Addy & I continued on with our day: lunch, naps, cleaning the backyard, and dinner.  While making dinner I was feeling uncomfortable, but nothing I had not already experienced during this pregnancy.
Tim put Addy to bed while I caught up with my Real Housewives. I noticed the contractions started back up, but I was not too concerned as they were pretty far apart. Tim and I made it through one episode of Orange is the New Black and the contractions were 8-9 minutes apart.  We decided to try and get some sleep, just in case I was really in labor.  I slept for about an hour and at about 11:45 I woke up and started walking the contractions out.  I thought I was being quiet, but Addy came out around 12:15 and wanted me to come cuddle with her.  Kinda hard when I kept having contractions.  Eventually we gave up cuddling and Addy moved onto the couch so I could wander the living room.  With the contractions still 7-8 minutes apart, I was not within the guidelines of going to the hospital but the contractions were getting significantly stronger and lasting longer than the required 60 seconds.  I woke Tim up at 1:40 and asked him to call my mom, sister, & Brad while I got in the bathtub to help with the pain.  At that point the contractions came on fast and furious.  They were coming in about 3-4 minutes apart, but lasting for 90-120 seconds.  Once my family was here to take care of Addy, Tim and I headed to Scripps La Jolla. I was able to send off one text letting the Milton's & Mandy we were on the way to the hospital, but poor Tim had to listen to me moan and breathe through the pain the rest of the ride.  As soon as I was out of the car, I used the barf bag I brought with me.
By the time we were in L & D, I was a wreck. My shirt was destroyed, my flip flops gross, and I was miserable.  I leaned against the wall while I answered all of the required questions.  Pretty sure I scared another expectant mom whose water had just broken but whose contractions had not started. My nurse checked my progress and when she told me I was only at 3 cm, I about gave up.  She could tell I was in pain and asked me if I wanted an epidural.  I only gave her one word, "Now." Since I was so serious, our nurse also decided to be serious.  She skipped over the 20 min NST and got us a room right away.  Alison & my mom were already there when we walked in and after telling them I was only 3 cm, I told them they could head home because it had to be a long night.  I had a long way to go...or so I thought.
I could not tell when the contractions were coming and going and I just leaned over the bed because I could not think of a better way to ride this roller coaster out.  I was in a cold sweat and could not help but hate my family who were just chilling in their chairs.  My nurse, Sunny, worked frantically to get me ready for an epidural and I was not being cooperative.  She wanted to give me an IV and I could not imagine holding my arm straight enough to be pricked with a needle.  About 20 minutes in the room and I had the irresistible urge to go to the bathroom.  I lost control of my bladder and once my bladder was empty I had another urge to push.  My nurse made me get into the bed so she could check my progress-I was at 10 cm and Ainsley was ready to make her appearance.
The next couple of minutes are a blur.  Sunny called out the door for help and several nurses ran into the room to help her with the delivery in case a doctor could not make it.  The nurse midwife was already delivering another baby, so someone had to wake up another OB who was asleep in the on call room.  The OB ran into the room, into a waiting gown, asked for some gloves and asked me to push.  At 3:34 am, I pushed 3 times and Ainsley made her grand appearance, still in her bag of waters and with her cord slightly around her neck.  All I wanted to hear was her first cries and they seemed to take forever to come. Eventually Ainsley started crying and they quickly handed her to me for our first cuddle, her first poop, and my first tears as a mom of two.  At 7 pounds, 9 ounces, Ainsley was (and still is) perfection.
Ainsley came in a flash and has forever changed our lives.  She is beautiful and I still cannot get over how much she looks like Addy.  She cries, but only if she needs something.  She LOVES to cuddle and sleep on your chest.  Even though Ainsley is our second daughter, I cannot believe Tim and I made something so perfect.  We are in love.

First Pictures (taken by Alison & G-ma):