Tuesday, August 24, 2010

6 Month Stats

Adelyn Kay visited her pediatrician with her daddy today for her 6 month shots and check-up.  She is doing really well and progressing exactly as she should (even though I am always worried she isn't).  She is still a little chunker although she is now only in the 90th percentile for weight, instead of 95th percentile, while weighing 18 lbs 13 ozs.  She is also 26 3/4ths inches. 

Happy belated 6 month birthday baby girl!!  Your daddy & I are so proud of you!

On the road again....

This past weekend I had a bachelorette party to attend in Stinson Beach (just north of San Francisco).  Rather than me flying/driving by myself, we decided to take another family road trip.  So, Tim, Addy, & myself took to the road last week and started our trip with a visit to Sacramento. 

We ate some yummy burgers in Davis, while Addy had some yummy bananas.

I even got to do a little shopping and buy little one some shades:
We were also able to have a dinner in Sacramento with most of our friends from the area.   Thanks everyone who were able to make it!  And then to hang out at Kevin & Christine's new house.

Tim cuddled with their cat, even though he is allergic:
And Addy watched a movie with her Aunt Christine (please ignore the crummy coloring, it was taken with my phone's camera/flash):

Then, I was off to Stinson Beach for the bachelorette party.  Us girls had a great time talking, drinking wine, walking on the beach, playing games and other "girl" stuff. :-)
Sunset the last night:

While I was at the party, Tim ventured down to Pacifica to visit his parents, sister, and grandparents.  Tim's mom, Grandma Carol, was able to send me some pictures, so here are some to enjoy.
Addy and her Auntie Colleen:

Addy loves her great-grandparents!
Tim and his mom & sister:

And Addy loves grabbing everything...even men's goatees.  This just happens to be her Grandpa Dennis'.

Then Addy & Tim went to Rohnert Park to visit our friend, Shad (who is married to my friend, Kelly) for some boy bonding.  On Sunday, Tim was able to make a quick trip down to Novato to pick me up and we headed to Coalinga to spend the night.  To treat ourselves and toast to the end of the summer and another successful road trip, we had Harris Ranch for dinner.  Delicious. Then back home yesterday.

So, 1500 miles later we are back home until October.  We are so lucky we have a little one that doesn't mind driving or the car.  Addy slept most of the way.  She did try to throw a mini tantrum when we put her back in her carseat on the way home, but it didn't last long.  :-)  We hope you all have been able to enjoy the end of the summer as much as we have.  For as crazy as it has been, I am still sad to see the days of taking naps with my little one end. Back to school we go.....

Monday, August 16, 2010

Spontaneous Laughing

Addy has becoming quite the little giggler.  She is quick to laugh if we tickle her or are playing around but she hasn't really just started laughing on her own without somehow being stimulated .  This evening Addy was super fussing and to calm her down she sat down with me on the couch.  The dogs, like always, brought their toy over and Addy just started busting up with laughter.  It surprised me at first and then I realized she was laughing on her own!  I got a little video with my phone.  I was trying to video tape Addy, play with the dogs, and video, so it isn't the best video but you can most definitely hear Addy laughing. :-) Enjoy.

Rubber Ducky

Addy is getting a little big for her little sink bath.  To avoid having to take a bath with Addy every night to ensure she would be safe in the big bathtub, we bought her a ducky bath that goes into the bathtub.  We tried it out last night.  When I first put Addy in she screamed, but after she calmed down, she seemed to really like it.

It is bigger than her blue bathtub and soft around the edges, so if she decides to not sit and lounge instead, she can comfortably and without bumping her head.  Yeah for the rubber ducky bath!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Beach Time

I have been wanting to go to the beach ALL summer long, but for some reason I haven't gone.  That is until I had a good reason: to visit with Tish, Claire, & Karen (one of my college roommates, her daughter, & her mom).  We were able to meet up two days and had a great time enjoying the sun, the water, and good company.
Tish's mom owns a fancy camera (one that I would love to own!) and let us take some pictures of Addy at the beach. 

Addy wasn't sure about the sand, but did like putting her feet into the surf. :-)

 She also took a good nap the first day.

And beautiful Claire had a great time too!
Thank you Tish, Karen, & Claire for visiting!  And Liz, it was great to see you too!

Where's my baby?

Addy has started playing her own version of peek-a-boo.  At first I would cover her face and ask "where's my baby?" and she would uncover herself.  Now she actually covers her own face and pulls it down.  She was entertaining my mom and I at BJs, so please ignore my obnoxious voice and the poor quality of this video:

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Off to the Races

We love Del Mar.  Whether you agree with horse racing or not, you cannot hate on a beautiful afternoon filled with sun, ocean breezes, family, and lots of fun.  This past Saturday we went out to enjoy some horse racing.  Little did we know, Zenyatta, horse extraordinaire, was racing.  I am not easily impressed by jockeys or horses, but this horse won 17 straight races going into this race.  She even has her own jockey, Mike Smith.

To say Del Mar was crazy busy or crowded would be an understatement.  It was intense.  We had even invited some family and were not even able to sit with them since it was so crazy.  That did not stop us from enjoying the day and having a great time. 

Is there a horse racing, or somethin'?

Winning some money (very little), getting free pint glasses, and watching Zenyatta win her 18th race were all just icing on the cake. Del Mar, we will be back soon.

Big Girl Bath

Addy had a little accident involving spit-up and her whole head being covered in it.  So, rather than just wipe it all off and hope she wasn't too smelly, Tim & I decided she would take a quick bath in the real bathtub.  She didn't know what to think at first, but really enjoyed it once she got used to it.  So much in fact that she was sad when it was all over.  She might be graduating to the big girl bath sooner than I thought!

Balboa Park

Tim has Fridays off this summer, which means a "family day" for us three.  We try to get out of the house and do something.  This Friday we got a late start, so I was a little nervous about where to go without huge crowds.  We decided on beautiful Balboa Park.  We just wandered around and found some new spots we had never seen before.  We are so lucky to have such a great park not too far from home.  Not only were we in a picturesque setting, but the weather was perfect.  75 with a breeze.  Awesome.  Here are some pictures of the things we saw (and one of Addy, of course!). 

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Too big for the bouncer when...

you start pulling the toys off.
Did I do that?

Now it is your turn lady bug...
But mommy, I still like the bouncer...

Pretty Girl

I love Target.

And I think Addy does too. 

Her first time riding in the cart without her car seat and she loved it.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Yes, I am that mom....

I am that mom who wants her baby to be brilliant.  I make sure I give Addy lots of tummy time, read to her, play with her, and just overall engage with Addy as much as I think she can handle.   I am also that mom who frets her baby won't crawl, won't learn how to talk, and basically miss all of the important developmental keystones.  I try not to compare Addy to other babies, but when I meet a baby who is about the same age and they are doing something she isn't doing yet, I start to worry a little.  It is a good thing I have Tim, who is not worried about any of this.  He is so calm and tells me not to worry that Addy is doing fine and is moving along at her own speed, not someone else's baby's speed.  Oh, and he makes fun of me too because we all know I am a type-A worrier.  :-)

So, last night I was having one of my moments where I was concerned Addy wasn't doing enough.  Addy had been sitting up on her own very well but over the last couple of days has decided she doesn't want to anymore.  Unless, which I discovered last night, you have a interesting toy in front of her (no more stuffed animals, she wants the real toys!).

She has also decided that when on her belly for tummy time that she is no longer going to move around, instead, she is just going to lay there like a beached whale.    See, this concerns me, because how is she ever going to learn to crawl?!?  Anyways, I rolled her over to her much preferred side, her back, and she wanted to show me she does know how to move around, without being on her hands and knees.  She started scooting....

So my daughter showed me...she also amazed me.  It reminded me that I need to stop fretting, that when I don't think Addy is progressing, she is just going to amaze me even more.

Side note: Yes our floors are clean, thanks to Martha who helps me keep the house clean.  She was here on Wednesday. :-)