Sunday, June 26, 2011

Silly Head

My daughter has become quite a joker.  She is learning how to mess with people and I tried to capture a little part of that in the following video.  She has also learned no and how to use it, both to express her opinions and joke around with me. Hope you enjoy!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Early Celebration

Tim has Fridays off and my first day of summer break was this Friday, so Tim & I decided we needed to celebrate.  Celebrate not only the start of summer but also an early Father's Day since Tim had to work.
We started with lunch at a little hole in the wall place called El Zarape in University Heights, then off to the zoo to make good use of our passes. This was the first time Addy was able to walk around, interact with other kids, and actually take notice of the animals, which made everything more fun.
 Watching a little water show
Everything was a "doggie" and the giraffes even got a growl.
 The cool hippo
 Saw more koalas at the zoo than in Australia
 So interested.  So fun!
 A great celebration for all three of us!

Lady Bug

Recently my love bug was having issues going to bed at night.  This is my little girl who, as long as we stuck to our routine, was usually asleep within minutes of laying her down.  Now I feel it was a mixture of things causing this sleep issue: I broke her mobile, she was teething, routines were a little out of whack.  After several nights of 10 pm bedtimes (3 hours after the normal bedtime) and LOTS of crying, Tim and I were at our wits end.  Enter Lady Bug.
Lady Bug is from a toy store by our house and projects the constellation on the ceiling above Addy's crib. It has three different colors (red, green, & blue) and I thought it was cool enough to try and see if it would distract Addy from fighting sleep. worked the first night. Back to our routine and our love bug is sleeping through the night after going to bed peacefully.

Full Timer Party

Every year Trader Joe's throws its full-time (aka management) crew a party.  If you remember, it was one of the first times we went out without Addy last year.  This year the party was at the Balboa Bay Club and Resort in Newport Beach .  Since the hotel was over 30 miles away from our house, we also got a free hotel room for the night.  Thankfully, my mom & Alison agreed to watch Addy for the night so Tim & I were free. (Thank you Mom & Alison!)  It was so very relaxing to just eat, drink, and dance with no concerns about an early wake-up call.
Crummy photo...oh well, it was dark and I only had my phone.  We really did look good. :-)
Overall, a successful night for all.  Tim & I had a great time and Addy had a great sleepover with her G-ma & Auntie Alison.

Visitors, Babies, and Graduations

The weekend of June 3rd was fun-filled and busy.  On Friday, Tim's mom and Mormor flew in and hung out with Addy & Tim all day.  They went to lunch, frozen yogurt, and to the park.  Addy had a great time stealing Carolyn's fries, sharing Mormor's yogurt, and swinging.
Addy also had a great time showing her purse to Mormor.

When I got home we went eat some yummy burgers at Urge and more frozen yogurt with Carolyn & Mormor.
Saturday Addy and I went to a baby shower for my friend, Megan, who was expecting a little boy to be named Jameson.  (Update: Jameson was born this past Saturday!!  He was a little early, but he is doing good and so is his momma.) I love shopping for Addy, but it was fun to buy some little boy stuff.  It was also nice to catch up with some "Fallbrook people" whom I had not seen for awhile.  
After the baby shower we went to celebrate Tim's cousin, Robbie, graduating from San Diego State.  Since we were party animals, I made sure Addy looked the part in a party dress (and a dress she could not crawl in!).
It was great seeing Tim's family and hanging out with the cousins.  I better not forget to mention the yummy tacos and rum punch. :-)
To end the weekend/start the week, Addy got to see her Grandma Carolyn & Mormor one more time for lunch on Monday.  They were able to drive to Fallbrook and meet up with my mom and Alison. 
Overall, a great weekend.
Congratulations Robbie!!  Congratulations Megan!  And welcome Jameson! And thank Carol for all of the pictures!

Girly Girl

Even though she loves climbing, Addy is very much a girly girl. She loves her beads and jewelry.  She has also decided she loves carrying a "purse." Sometimes Addy's purse is a bucket for the beach (like in the video of her walking), sometimes it is a picnic basket, sometimes she will steal your purse to use as her own.  My mom bought Addy her own purse (a kid version) to use at her house and then we had a dilemma, what would we use as a purse at home?  Because I am such a great mommy, and didn't want my nice big Coach purses getting dragged around the house, I gave Addy my wristlet to use what we are home.  Yup, she is carrying Coach at a ripe old age of 16 months.   Addy loves it and I love that I get to share my love of girly things with her.



I am really sorry I haven't posted over the last couple of weeks.  It truly has been a crazy (but fun) month.  I am going to try to get some posts done while Addy is taking her nap today, so hopefully we will get caught up soon!

So, Miss Adelyn Kay has decided she loves climbing.  She loves stairs and climbs up them on a daily basis (nice for the Momma who doesn't have to carry her up anymore!).  She climbs onto the ottoman of her glider so she can sit and read, climbs into the refrigerator/freezer when it is open and now she likes to climb on the dishwasher.  Yup, the dishwasher.
We are discouraging this practice cause I am a little concerned we will break the door of the dishwasher off, but I did want to take a picture. :-)

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Friday, June 3, 2011


This past weekend Adelyn decided she liked walking.  In fact on Saturday we were able to get her go 5-6 step before she realized she was not holding onto anything.  Sunday, she felt like showing off for her daddy.  That is when Tim shot this video:
Today is Friday and I would say Adelyn has maybe really walked 2 days this week.  She is just not interested.  Oh well.  We have proof that she can walk, so maybe she will start walking more soon. :-)