Friday, September 12, 2014

Ainsley's 1st Bee Day Party

We celebrated Ainsley's first birthday with a bee themed birthday party.  It was pretty low key, but very nice.  We had brunch food along with salted caramel and chocolate, chocolate cupcakes.  Ainsley loved her cupcake and playing with the big kids.  
 Birthday Banner
Goodie Bags
Milk Bottles
Welcome to our beehive!
 Ainsley with Titi Alison
 G-ma & I wearing our antennae
 The last kiddos at the party.  Even the bday girl was asleep.

 The Smith Family (minus Mike)

 Milton/Manbert Table
 Christman table
 Liz & Jacob
 Josh & Aria
 The proud parents
 Mema being silly
 Big girls
 Happy birthday to you...happy birthday to you...
One of the most favorite presents of the day.  Even Addy loved it!

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