Saturday, April 2, 2011

Road Trip-Part 2

Justin & Jamie are not the only two people who we know in Phoenix.  My cousins, Andrea & Brad, my Uncle Dick (all from the same family) & Tim's cousin, Heather, also live in Phoenix.  Lucky for us, they were all in town AND it was Andrea's birthday while we were there so we had lots to celebrate. 
We were able to squeeze in some swimming in Andrea's & Uncle Dick's pool.
We went to see the Diamondbacks & Royals play in Spring Training
at the beautiful new Talking Stick Ballpark.
 Justin & Jamie
 Tim & Heather
 Justin, Uncle Dick, & Andrea
 Addy trying to be like Justin with her leg up.
Celebrated Andrea's birthday with some champagne & Sprinkles cupcakes
(Andrea's first Sprinkles experience!)
We have coconut, dark chocolate, chocolate marshmallow, red velvet, & pb & chocoloate
Of course, we also made a stop at Dunkin' Donuts on our way out of town.  Maybe next time we will make it to Cracker Barrel.  We had a great trip and cannot wait to head back to Phoenix.  Thank you again, Justin, Jamie, Andrea, Uncle Dick, & Heather! 

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Lindsay said...

Andrea and Uncle Dick are making pretty much the EXACT same face in the photo of them w/Justin! Haha!