Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Ferry Building

I am lucky my husband is from Pacifica.  It is only a 20 minute drive into San Francisco, is walking distance to the ocean, and has a pretty fabulous coffee shop that I love to visit .  While visiting last week (during my Spring Break) we took full advantage of being close to "The City" (as Norcal folk call it).
On the first full day we were in Pacifica we thought we could make a visit to one of our favorite places in San Francisco, The Ferry Building.  The Ferry Building is a great place to browse fun, eclectic shops and eat delicious food.  We are also lucky to have some friends who not only can take an afternoon off to meet us, but were also willing to drive into SF & find parking to see us. 
We had beautiful weather
 Three of my favorite ladies
 Having a good time
 Carol & 2 of her favs
I promised Claire some ice cream after lunch...
she was such a nice girl and shared with Addy.  
Claire is going to be such a good big sister!
Shad was there too!!
Addy can make her grandma smile like no one else.
My beautiful girl, just taking it all in
Thank you Tish, Kelly, & Shad for driving down!!  And thank you Carol, for driving us and hanging out with us!

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