Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I am a nerd.  Luckily, I also married a nerd.  We love visiting historical sites when we are on vacation and increasing our knowledge about random things.  One place I have not visited, despite being in SF many times? Alcatraz.  This visit I was able to convince Tim & his family they really wanted to head out on the choppy San Francisco Bay to Alcatraz and take the walking tour.  I don't think anyone was disappointed.
 Family Pic
Shower Room (and the lockers where the inmates had to keep their clothes)
Average Cell
Starting the tour
Beautiful view of San Francisco
Group Photo...can you tell it was windy?
The hole through which two men escaped
The love bug wanted to be involved too.  So much she voluntarily put herself in jail.
Overall a great day!  Thank you Milton's for appeasing me!


Colleen said...

Such a great idea to go to Alcatraz!!! The tour was really cool and I absolutely oved for all of us to be together : )

Cyndy said...

Fun! I defintely want to do that tour someday!!!