Friday, July 26, 2013

June 2013

June: the end of school, the start of summer, mini vacays, Ainsley's baby shower, and the start of my last couple of months as a mother of one.

Addy enjoyed her last couple of days with my mom.  After 3+ years with my mom she will be moving onto preschool.  I don't know who will miss who more, my mom or Addy, but we are so lucky that my mom was able to watch Addy for us for this long. Ready for Ainsley, G-ma? ;-)

The end of school was bittersweet.  Another year down is always great, but with budget cuts and personnel changes, school will be a bit different next year. Here's to hoping we are not missing anyone in our picture next year.
Our annual picture:

Tim & I decided we both needed a break so we took a mini vacation to Palm Springs and then Carlsbad.  Both cities were great, although I think Carlsbad was the favorite destination.  We were so lucky to stay right on the beach in Cbad and enjoyed the sunsets from our patio all three nights we were there.  
The best daddy...
 Swimming in Palm Springs
 Beach girl
 Addy has made Tim a beach dad
 Reading on the beach 
Alison, Mandy, & Colleen also threw Ainsley a beautiful baby shower.  I cannot even begin to write how lucky Tim, Addy, Ainsley, and I are to be surrounded by such great friends and family.  When I get nervous about becoming a mommy of two, all I have to do is remember what a great support system we have and can lean on if we need.  
The hostesses & me
The aunts & G-ma
 Mi famila
The Manbert Women (minus Carol who took the picture) 

And some random photos to round off the month.
Our first strawberries...little but delicious.
 Three of my favorite girls @ Maddie's awards assembly
 Del Mar Fair with G-ma, Titi Alison, & we got to see Charli too!
 My loves are famous!!  Sprinkles took their picture and posted it on Facebook!!
 Addy loves her Violet
 The beach for Keenan's birthday
 The beach again with Nonnie & Auntie KT

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