Thursday, July 25, 2013

May 2013

May was a month full of things we love.  We went to our first Padres game of the season and Addy was SO much fun!  She gets so into the game and definitely knows which guys on the field are ours. (Side note: when we watch the Pads on TV, she tells me she does not like whomever we are playing...)  She almost made it the whole game, but fell asleep the last two (exciting!) innings.
To celebrate Mother's Day, my mom and I wanted to celebrate by going to a game.  We had to wait a week, but boy was it worth it.  Such a great game with great company.  
Mom with her girls.
The boys (Tim, Brad, & Tom) were there too, I just didn't take a picture of them. :-(
We also went to a game with our good friends, the Botkins.  Tim and I have known Clayton & Amanda since Clay & Tim worked together at the TJs in La Mesa, but it has been so much fun hanging out with their kids too, Siena & Keenan.  The three kids were almost more fun than the game!
Since we have a backyard this year and room for actual planters, Tim & I decided to try our hands at gardening.  In March we planted 3 types of tomatoes (Big Beef, Seattle's Best, & Golden Jubilee), jalapenos, strawberries, cilantro, and basil.  Addy loved helping us transfer the plants to their bigger planters and by May we had our first little tomatoes!  While we were successful with the tomatoes, we weren't as good with the basil & cilantro. 
 Being six months pregnant and with less morning sickness also meant food was starting to taste a bit better.  And trust me, we took full advantage of eating.
Miguel's for Mother's Day
 BJ's to celebrate Titi Alison's last day of chemo
 Chocolate malt from the Habit
 Introducing Addy to pizza rolls

Last but not least, Addy & I were able to sneak in a trip to the Safari Park on Memorial Day.  We got there early, before it was too crowded or hot, and had a great couple of hours, just the two of us.

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